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The Unhappiness Syndrome

28 Habits of Unhappy People (and How to Change Them)

What if we have fallen in love with unhappiness? Although we all wish to be happy, many of us fall into a set pattern of failures when we find ourselves in certain circumstances. On the conscious level, we think we are earnestly seeking happiness, but unconsciously, we may be choosing the patterns of thinking and action that will eventually lead us to unhappiness. According to the author, Ryuho okawa, surprisingly 80 to 90 percent of the people have had symptoms of the Unhappiness Syndrome which are patterns of thinking that invite unhappiness.

In this book, Okawa diagnoses the 28 common habits of the Unhappiness Syndrome and offers prescriptions for changing them so that we can cure ourselves. The path to happiness begins with becoming aware of the negative patterns that we fall into.

Find out whether you fall into any of the 28 patterns so that you can free yourself from worries, distress, and emotional pain. With the prescriptions offered in this book, you can start to think and act in a way that attracts happiness and open a path to a positive, bright, and happy future!

Common Symptoms of the Unhappiness Syndrome are:

  • Envying Other people's success
  • Struggling with weak enthusiasm
  • Living in constant fear of being hurt
  • Feeling trapped by the past
  • Never having enough time for yourself
  • Not getting along with your boss
  • Struggling financially
  • Fearing death
  • Constantly having family conflicts

Find the cures and free yourself from unhappiness today!

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IRH Press (April 15, 2017)
ISBN 10: 194212516X
ISBN 13: 978-1942125167
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