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The Unhappiness Syndrome

28 Habits of Unhappy People (and How to Change Them)

What if we have fallen in love with unhappiness?

We all wish for happiness. So why do we have to suffer angst and consternation? The Unhappiness Syndrome is a subconscious love of unhappiness and may be the underlying reason for desperate emotions that we experience in our day-to-day lives. To help those who cycle pessimistic attitudes, Ryuho Okawa diagnoses 28 common habits of the Unhappiness Syndrome with potent remedies to counter negativity and self-deprecation.

What is the cause of your unhappiness? Is it the constant strain of fear, frustration and anguish? Is it recurring problems at home, or in the workplace? Or is it uncertainty in your spiritual life and values? This book will help you balance wayward thoughts and behavior to confidently flip patterns of unhappiness into expressions of replenished delight.

Sample these common symptoms of the Unhappiness Syndrome:

  • "My enthusiasm is complete drained"
  • "I live in constant fear of being hurt"
  • "I feel trapped by the past"
  • "I do not have confidence in my intelligence"
  • "I cannot find the right person to marry
  • "I am always busy and have no time"
  • "I do not know how to handle a demotion"
  • "I am scared of death"