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Buddhism Titles by Ryuho Okawa

Introduction to Buddhism

Ryuho Okawa’s Buddhism titles provide the essence and comprehensive teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha starting from Shakyamuni’s life story, Noble Eightfold Path, Six Paramitas, Emptiness, and Law of causality.

The Essence of Buddha

An introductory book of Buddhism that explains complex Buddhist teachings in modern and accessible language, making it easy to understand.


Modern Buddhism Concept

The content of Shakyamuni's enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree includes the "Four Noble Truths" and the "Noble Eightfold Path."

The core of Buddhist teachings is "Self-Reflection," which is a practice of examining the inner mind, finding the cause of suffering, and letting go of worldly attachments which are the root cause of suffering. Then, decide to discard the false-self called ego and generate the true-self within and attain inner peace.

The True Eightfold Path

Buddhist book of self-innovation.

This book provides complete modern-day methods for attaining enlightenment.It presents the essence of Shakyamuni Buddha’s eightfold path in a contemporary manner.A guidebook to practice the Noble Eightfold Path while engaging in work and family life in this modern age.


Rojin, Buddha’s Mystical Power

The enlightenment of the Buddha resulted in several miraculous abilities. The author, Ryuho Okawa also possesses the same six divine supernatural powers as Shakyamuni Buddha, which are 1. clairvoyance, spiritual sight, 2. Clair audio, spiritual hearing, 3. mind reading, 4. fate reading, 5. astral travel, and 6, rojin. This book focuses on the nature of rojin, the power of wisdom to manage all 5 other abilities while leading a normal life with tireless efforts to eliminate worldly desires, while revealing a part of the author's own enlightenment as well as unveiling the nature of the ultimate psychic with divine supernatural power.


Words for Life

A Modern-Day Zen “Katsu”or Koan to remove worldly attachments.

The original Japanese terminology "" (sin) in "箴言集" (singen-shu, or Book or Proverb) means "needle".

Just as an acupuncture needle restores health, by finding the pressure points of our own attachments and practicing reflective meditation on these words or proverbs, we can regain a healthy mind by reconnecting with our original divine nature. Each phrase in this book is a guide to disciplining our mind. 


Traditional Buddhism

A series of Buddhist studies for those who would like to deepen their study of Buddhism. 

The Challenge of Enlightenment

A comprehensive teaching of Buddhism, covering from early Buddhism, the original teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha 2,600 years ago, to Theravada Buddhism which disseminated in Southeast Asia, and to Mahayana Buddhism which was widely spread to China and Japan.

The Challenge of the Mind

An excellent guidebook for those who are seeking the Buddhist worldview in their life’s journey as it provides the essence of Buddhism and religion overall.

This book discusses the potential of the transformation of your mind and heart based on Buddhist theory.



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