Happy Father's day!

Happy Father's day

Searching for the perfect presents for Father’s Day? There are many stereotypical Father’s Day gifts, like a tie, shirts, etc. But what fathers really want is to be shown love and appreciation. We can provide you with advice to deepen your gratitude for your father.

The secret is to try to think of the relationship between you and your parents from a spiritual point of view or from the meditative state of the mind.

Because the connection between parents and kids is so spiritual.

”When we are born, we choose the parents with whom we are born.

It is hard to say whether they are the ideal parents for you now or not.

However, we are born with at least some determination of who our parents are.

If your parents do not seem wonderful to you, then you must have been born with the goal of becoming a better person than they are.

If your parents are honorable people, you must have been born with a vow to live this life with them as your role model.”

Some people may find it hard for them to accept the idea. For your reference, here is a testimony of our friend who could forgive her father against whom she used to hold a grudge.

Please watch the video by clicking on the following link.

In her words, "Until then, I had lived thinking that I was an unwanted child. I realized that my parents were actually looking forward to my birth! I was so happy and grateful that I just couldn’t hold back my tears. I was overwhelmed with happiness."

Gratitude by self-reflection gives you an opportunity to deepen your insight into your life. Remember the love that has been given to you in words, actions, care, etc. One by one, no matter what.

We also recommend that it is a good idea to write him a letter.

Happy Fathers' Day!



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