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LIfe is a workbook of problem

 Life is a Workbook

“Life is a Workbook”
Is truly a wise saying.
The more you repeat the years of life training, The more deeply you will feel its meaning.
The cause of everything
Lies in the seeds that you sow in your mind
And how you nurture them.
It also depends
On how you relate to others,
And how you think of and act upon
The relationship between you and the world that surrounds you.
The idea that
You can solve the problems in your life
Through your own efforts,
Is the standpoint of those who believe in the law of causality.
What do you see as good,
And what do you see as evil?
What acts do you think
Are in accordance with Buddha’s Will, And what acts do you think
Are evil deeds?
You are asked
To choose and make decisions daily. The collections of these answers
Is the final result of your life.
You must have the state of mind
To quietly accept that the result that comes in the next life Is not destiny but the resulting score of your efforts.
The Guide for the mind No.27 "Life is a workbook of problem"


In today's blog, we will discuss adopting a new perspective on life.
Life often presents us with various challenges and dilemmas, but let's explore an approach to overcome them.

Life can be likened to a workbook of problems. Each page in this book contains challenges tailored to our age, and by tackling these challenges, we grow and demonstrate our abilities. The answers to these challenges are said to be revealed after we leave this earthly realm, making our journey a process of self-improvement.

From this perspective, we can seek model answers. We can learn from the lives and philosophies of past great individuals and learn from their experiences. As the best model answers, we have Master Okawa's publications, comprising over 3,000 volumes. By studying these materials, we can find our path to a better life.

Lastly, it's important to recognize that self-effort and perseverance are indispensable in solving life's problems. Rather than seeking answers from others, cherishing our own experiences and efforts and providing advice to others is how our souls grow. This experience also proves valuable when offering hints to others facing their own challenges.

In essence, viewing life as a workbook of problems and combining model answers with personal effort is crucial in pursuing growth and fulfillment. We all have our own problem sets to solve, and by helping others while working on our own, we enable our souls to evolve and pave the way for a brighter future.

Today, we will introduce a website with valuable insights to assist you in solving life's challenges. We encourage you to visit and make use of this resource on our website.


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