"My brother's soul found its way to heaven, adorned with a smile. - IRH Press International

"My brother's soul found its way to heaven, adorned with a smile.

"My brother's soul found its way to heaven, adorned with a smile.

I was born in Brisbane, Australia, into a large family comprising my mother, three siblings, and my stepfather, along with his two children. As time passed, my family grew even bigger with two more siblings born to my mother and stepfather. However, life was far from idyllic, as my stepfather's imposing figure and violent tendencies cast shadows upon our lives, especially upon my brothers and me. I despised violence and conflicts, always yearning to bring smiles to everyone's faces, but it pained me that I couldn't achieve that goal. Amidst this turmoil, my gentle mother remained my beacon of comfort. At the age of 17, I pursued a career as a chef and left home at 18, believing it was my path to financial independence, even though it wasn't my true calling.

The tragedy struck when I turned 23. My younger brother, just three years my junior, fell victim to drug abuse and passed away due to drug overdose. He was a bright, humorous young man, and his untimely departure left our family in immense grief.

"Where did he go? Did he find his way to heaven or...?"

His loss became a turning point in my life, as I began seeking the deeper meaning of existence and the truth.

Indeed, there is an afterlife

Following these events, I decided to move to New Zealand, seeking guidance from my birth father. At the age of 27, I enrolled in university, starting my studies in religious studies. One day, a Japanese friend of my father introduced me to Happy Science. Intrigued, I quickly delved into the teachings of Ryuho Okawa, the founder. The books like "The Laws of the Sun," "The Golden Laws," "The Laws of Eternity," and "The Rebirth of Buddha" resonated with me deeply, explaining that human beings possess eternal life and continue their journey in the spirit world after death, undergoing soul training and eventually being reborn on Earth. These teachings also provided a comprehensive explanation of why the ultimate God and Buddha created the universe and humanity. It all made perfect sense to me, and I desired to learn more. Thus, I attended a retreat organized by Happy Science and encountered a group of genuinely happy people who wholeheartedly wished for others' well-being. Inspired by their spirits, I resolved to become a person who could help others and decided to join Happy Science.

The dark figure of my brother sinking into darkness

The following year, I traveled to Japan to participate in a training session for overseas believers. One day, during meditation at the head temple, an image of my brother emerged before me. He appeared just as he did when he passed away, lying in the darkness. It saddened me deeply, realizing that he wasn't saved. I felt a tremendous responsibility to help him and understood that I needed to deepen my faith further.

"Please guide me..."

I made a vow for self-improvement and started practicing the Fourfold Path of Love, Wisdom, Self-Reflection, and Progress as taught by Happy Science. I committed myself to love others, humbly learn from the teachings, reflect on my mistakes, and contribute to the happiness of society. With such righteous thoughts and actions, I embarked on a new journey of life. Every year, without fail, I participated in ancestral memorial ceremonies and prayed for my brother's soul through various rites.

One year, during an ancestral memorial ceremony, I received a profound inspiration:

"As you practice the teachings of Happy Science and strive to improve yourself, your brother's situation will also improve."

According to Happy Science, to save wandering souls after their passing, it is crucial for families on Earth to learn the truth and live in harmony. However, for me, forgiving and loving my stepfather had been an immense challenge. But I knew that I had to change my heart. With determination, I joined a "Reflection and Gratitude Towards Parents" seminar, where I continuously reflected upon the kindness shown by my stepfather, such as taking me to the sea, despite his violent behavior and verbal abuse. I embraced gratitude for those actions. I practiced being kind to others, forgiving them, and also forgiving myself. When speaking with my family in Australia over the phone, I conveyed love and gratitude through my words. In moments of conflict within the family, I shared the teachings of Happy Science, emphasizing that love and understanding could transform our relationships.

The smiles of my brother embraced by light

And as a result, our family gradually found harmony and grew closer. My mother and siblings also became believers of Happy Science. The teachings of Master Okawa saved my family. During another memorial ceremony for my brother, I closed my eyes and saw an image I had never seen before: my brother appeared with an indescribable smile, enveloped in light.

"Thank you, big brother. I'm okay now."

He looked truly happy.

(My little brother, I'm relieved...)

It was a moment of happiness I had never experienced before. I was convinced that the teachings about the eternal nature of life, reincarnation, and the spirit world were true and held profound significance.

I am filled with deep gratitude to Master Ryuho Okawa, and the guidance from the heavenly realms. Through these teachings, I transformed my life, and I was able to positively impact my brother in the afterlife. Many people worldwide, especially in the Western world, may regret not being able to express their love to their deceased loved ones, ignorant of the truth of reincarnation and the spirit world not explicitly taught in Christianity. But it's never too late. By learning the teachings of Happy Science, we can bring comfort to our deceased loved ones—an incredible miracle. I am committed to sharing the wonders of faith in Happy Science and ancestral memorial ceremonies with people all around the world, to bring happiness to everyone."
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