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The Causes of Joint disorders

"Joint disorders
Are often caused by spiritual possession
And looking after your health.
Brought on by inner conflict and resentment."

Excerpt from The Guide of the mind 50 "Illness and the mind" by Master Ryuho Okawa

Treatments for Rheumatism

Q: My daughter has rheumatism, and is bed-ridden throughout most of the day. Please tell me what causes rheumatism, and what I can do to help her get better.

A: Rheumatism is almost exclusively caused by spiritual possession. It is common that animal spirits (originally humans) have taken possession of the lower halves of bodies, but when these spirits become completely stuck to us, then we experience chronic chills in the lower body, and our bodies become unable to move. There are also cases, of course, in which these spirits possess us in our shoulders and necks.

It is most certain that such a spirit also possesses your daughter.

If the patient herself cannot practice self-reflection or move, then there's no other option but for those around her to make efforts. The other family members must correct their minds, and must strengthen the light that they emit. I believe that by doing so the possessing spirit will come off your daughter's body.

If it is a possessing spirit, then in a certain sense this makes the illness easy to heal - if the spirit, that causes an illness, can be expelled, then the patient will make a full recovery. This method will derive one hundred percent effect.

I think that as the parent of the girl who is afflicted, you must have a certain degree of understanding regarding what might have brought her to such a pass.

When you examine the life that your daughter has led under the light of the Truth, can you find any mistakes she has made? If not, then perhaps your daughter has come under some sort of negative influence from other family members or others with whom she associates.

Please think about the problem along these lines.

Some people are spiritually sensitive and they keenly sense the existence of spirits. Evil spirits that have been attached to someone nearby, even though they might not have done anything particularly bad to cause such a possession, sometimes possess such people. Evil spirits always seek out the person in the family who is the weakest, and who is thus the easiest prey.

First, examine the person herself and see if there is any fault to be found with her. If not, then ask yourself if there is anyone else in the family who might be leading a life with mistaken thoughts or feelings. If such a person is found, they must start reflecting on themselves.

If that person is incapable of reflecting upon his or her own actions, then the people around that person must first provide an example to follow. The other members of the family must strengthen the light they emit, and strive to create a close-knit, warm and lively household. You must not make a cold and indifferent home or in which all of the family members blame one another for everything that goes wrong.

You and your other family members must have courage, shine forth a stronger light, and wish to heal your daughter's sickness. I have complete faith that she is going to get better.

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