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The causes of Skin disease

"Skin disease
Is the result of fear of other people,
And blood conditions caused by binge eating and drinking
From the stress of that fear."

Excerpt from The Guide of the mind 50 "Illness and the mind" by Master Ryuho Okawa

The Causes of Atopic Dermatitis

Q: My child has eczema. I have tried everything, from taking him to see the doctor to paying careful attention to what I give him to eat, but the eczema is not clearing up.

A: When considering the causes of eczema, it is important to ask yourself what might be wrong in a person's mind that is finding symbolic expression on the skin's surface. You must take into consideration what part of your mind is wrong, that might also be causing afflictions of the skin.

The skin separates the inside of the body from everything outside of it - it acts as a partition between the body and the world around it. Thus, skin abnormalities suggest discontinuity between inside and outside.

“Inside and outside” refer, of course, to the “individual's awareness and soul,” and “relationship with others.”

With children, inside and outside also refer to what is within the home and what is outside of it. In other words, the skin is the borderline between “self” and “others,” and also between “inside of the household” and “outside of the household.” When there is a problem with this border, then eczema is the result. It comes from a rejection of the outside world.

In addition, the reason that people seek to cut themselves off from everyone and everything else is that they feel what will harm them is outside of them.

That is why they react extremely to everything, which is “other.”

It follows, then, that if someone in a family has feelings such as these, those feelings might manifest themselves as atopic dermatitis in the children of that family. I think it is highly likely that something or someone in your household may be the cause of your ailments. Please consider this.

It is probably the case that you, or perhaps your spouse or someone else in your family, are causing a strong allergic reaction against those outside of your home. I find it probable that someone has elements, which seek to avoid close relations with other people - some kind of allergic reaction to others. It is important that you resolve that issue. Although it might sound unusual to you, the entirety of the family itself is reflected in that family's children. Children react very sensitively to such things.

Skin problems are a manifestation of some sort of difficulty in your relations with the outside world.

This is why you must practice meditation and wish for harmonious relations with others. If it turns out that the cause does not lie with you, then put this meditation exercise into practice as a family.

Naturally, there are other more individualized treatments that you can try, but in a general way of speaking, the above solution is quite plausible.

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