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Messages from Heaven

If you could speak to Jesus, Buddha, Moses, or Muhammad, what would you ask? In Messages from Heaven: What Jesus, Buddha, Moses, and Muhammad Would Say Today, Ryuho Okawa uses his spiritual power to communicate with these four spirits and shares their messages to the people living today.

The beginning 

It was March 23, 1981, when I received my first spiritual message from Heaven.

It was just a few days before my graduation from university, right before I began working for a trading firm. I was twenty-four years old at the time, and for the past few months, I’d become deeply introspective. On that fine afternoon in early spring, I was looking deep inside my mind and reflecting on my life up to that point. As I looked back, I realized that I had made many mistakes and caused a lot of trouble for people around me. I hadn’t appreciated how much my parents had done for me throughout my life. I had sometimes thought or acted wrongly. I had thoughtlessly said and done things that hurt people’s feelings, and even though it had been unintentional, I regretted it. I carefully examined my words, actions, and thoughts, and one by one, I repented them.

As I was reflecting, a warm feeling welled up within my chest, and I felt keenly that I had been living life as a false self. And then, I began to feel a premonition that something was going to happen. I could not see anyone in the room with me, but I could sense that someone was near me, trying to tell me something. I had always believed in the existence of spiritual beings, but I had never expected that I would experience a spiritual phenomenon myself.

I felt as urge to write something, so I picked up a pencil and some blank index cards that were lying nearby. I waited, pencil in hand. Then suddenly, my hand began to move as if it had a life of it is own. It wrote “God News” on the first card. Then it wrote “Good News” on a second card, and then on a third card, too....

Message from Jesus Christ


HATRED AND LOVE are two basic human emotions. Because they seem to be on opposite ends of the emotional spectrum, they are commonly seen as two separate things, but in truth, hated and love share the same foundation: the principle of love. Human love is the result of a total acceptance of the principle of love, while hatred is born of the rejection of this principle. Our rejection or acceptance of the principle of love is the only thing that sets these two emotions apart.

It is love’s nature to keep circulating through the world. People only feel hatred when the nature flow of love has become plugged up. To allow love to flow again, we just have to pull out the plug.

We feel hatred when other people are not the way we want them to be or do not behave as we wish they would. Hatred arises when we feel angry that we cannot control others as we would like to do. But at the end of the day, hatred is just another form of the natural desire for love. people who hate want to be loved, respected, and valued. They are starving for love but are not strong enough to give love to others.

By contrast, those with love do not seek anything- they only give. They keep giving and giving endlessly. They are able to do this because they are so aware of the many blessings that God has given them. They want to share God’s love with others because they realize that God has given them so much, and they want to keep God’s love flowing.

Human love comes from the gratitude we feel when we realize that we have been blessed with everything. It is this realization that inspires us to give love to others. So I ask those of you who are burning with the flames of hatred right now to place your hands over your heart and ask yourselves whether you have gratitude. Are you grateful for all that God has given you? Do you feel thankful to all those who have helped you through life?

Remember, a thankless heart is a heart devoid of love.

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Buddha’s Message of Enlightenment

Be kind, Not Selfish

Another kind of foolishness is to lack kindness in heart. Some people do not realize how important it is to be kind. They lack kindness in their hearts and think nothing of shoving people aside, asserting superiority, and demanding obedience. These people are not aware of the tremendous life mistakes they are making. To be kind is to help others feel to be alive. Having kindness in your heart is the greatest proof that you are a child of Buddha.

I sometimes use the word”Sorrow” to express this kindness. Many of your fellow human beings are experiencing great pain and suffering. Bound by their physical limitations, faced with many impediments to enlightenment, with few chances to attain spiritual awakening, they live lives of suffering Animals and plants are suffering as well. It is kindness in your heart that makes you shed tears for your fellow beings. When you see all the pain and suffering that all fills this world, when you see the thorns that pierce people, it’s only natural to want to remove their pain.

To feel the pain and sadness of others and shed tears for them is to have great compassion, or as I sometime say, great sorrow. These are the tears of Buddha’s mercy. True kindness leads to true sorrow.

My people, when you no longer feel sad for others, you become self-centered. You begin to think only about yourself and your own happiness; you focus on your own sorrow. But thinking about your own sorrow will not help you improve the world.

To create a better world, you must remove the thorns and poisonous stings from the hearts of others. This is the mindset you should have. So remember to keep looking at the world around you. Look at the people, animals, and plants. Feel their sadness. Their sadness will tell you what this moment requires of you.

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Moses’s Message of Justice

A New Age Is Dawning

I have spoken a great deal today about civilization and culture, and the reason is that a new age is drawing as we speak. The sun of the Truth is rising, and people need to realize a new era is in the making.

I would like everyone to know why Moses has awakened from three thousand years of silence to give this message to the people during the time, but never before, since the time of my death, have my thoughts been conveyed in my own words. This is the first time I have ever provided guidance to people on Earth in this form.

This great miracle is deeply significant. This miracle marks the arrival of the new age. Healing, materialization of physical objects, and prediction of the future are not the greatest miracles. The greatest miracle possible is expounding God’s mind directly, exactly as God speaks it. This is nearly impossible, but we come infinitely when those closest to God,- we ninth-dimensional spirits, or Great Guiding Spirits- convey God’s mind on God’s behalf.

Those of you who observe this miracle must open your spiritual eyes and experience the awe. It is no ordinary occurrence. You must realize that Moses has awakened from three thousand years of silence to split the physical world with his message as I once split the Red sea. I am trying to split in half the miniature garden that you live in that is isolated from the spirit world. this miracle is happening right now.

Incredible things are happening around you. A gospel is being given in your presence. Please understand the significance of this event, experience the awe, understand the value of this time, and appreciate how precious it is to be living when this miracle is happening. there is no time to waste. You should feel the most passionate desire to experience this miracle with your own eyes, no matter how long the journey will take by air, sea or land. If you are truly seeing a way of life, this desire should consume you.

A miracle that occurs only once every several thousand years is happening right now. The enormous sun of the Truth is rising. Watch this sun, see its tremendous size, see its enormous light, and see its incredible power.

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I ,myself am a mission

My first revelation from Heaven came decades ago in 1981. At first, I could not believe it. I was astonished to learn that spiritual beings exist and that we are constantly surrounded by divine beings who are tirelessly working from above, watching and guiding those of us on Earth.

Since that initial revelation, I have had frequent conversations with divine spirits. Eventually, after many of these conversations had taken place, I was told that I must spread the Truths that I had discovered. But I faced self-doubt. Strong doubts about my ability to handle such a large project loomed over me, and it would be some time before I had enough confidence to begin this undertaking But eventually, I would a strong sense of mission that began to burn passionately within me, and this sense of mission overrode my doubts.

As I looked back on the journey that brought me to where I am today, I see that I have come a long way since the early years of developing my spiritual philosophy. I delivered my first lecture when I was thirty years old. Since then, I have held more than two thousand lectures, published more than 1200 books. and produced several films. In recent years, the momentum of my ministry has stepped up considerably due to my tours to our temples in Japan and abroad. I have kept up an intense pace of giving lectures at least once a week. Many people are astonished that I’m able to keep going at such a speed and constantly keep my passion aflame. Sometimes it is a wonder to me, too. When I think about it, I believe that everything I’ve done has been made possible by the sense of mission and duty that continues to burn from deep within me. People often ask how I am able of keeping my sense of duty alive so continually. The only way I can describe it is by saying that there is a part of me that believes that I myself am a mission. I am my mission; My mission is what my life is made of.


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