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The Causes of Vascular and brain diseases

"Vascular and brain diseases
Occur in those who worry over things long past or yet to come, Or live a life of complaints and discontent.
In short, they develop in people
Who cannot satisfy their pride and are poor at letting things go."

Excerpt from The Guide of the mind 50 "Illness and the mind" by Master Ryuho Okawa


Characteristics typical to people who get strokes

In many cases, people who get cerebral infarctions are generally very short-tempered and tend to be hysteric. They become angry very quickly. In order to prevent yourself from getting a stroke, it is important that you maintain a peaceful mind. You need to avoid that extra blood rush to your head by making an effort to bring the blood down to your tanden [by the abdomen, located below your belly button]. When you calm down and become a tolerant person, you will start to become stable and less angry over small things.

Miraculous Ways to Conquer Cancer P. 101

Diseases in the brain are caused by memories That we refuse to remember

[To the questioner.] Next, let us talk about your mother's illness in her later years. When she looks back on her life, it looks as though the length of time she has actually felt happy is very short. The more she looks back, the more she remembers memories of her being unhappy. In such cases, we try to erase those bad memories as a defense mechanism. This makes us prone to brain diseases such as dementia. In other words, she doesn't want to remember her past.

This thought of not wanting to remember the past creates a disease in the brain to make it forget many things. If the memories bring happiness, such disease will not be caused. However, if the memories she wants to forget outnumbers the ones she wants to remember, she will wish to forget her memories, making her prone to such illnesses.

I believe your mother experienced hardships for most of her life, with a very short time of being happy.

As a method of treatment, the people around your mother must be more grateful for her. If the people around her are grateful for her and she is happy in her current situation, then all her hardships in the past will turn into happy memories.

I often say the following words-you cannot correct the past, but you can correct the future. You can change your future. As for the unchangeable past, if you learned your lesson through self-reflection, it is enough. So make efforts and sow good seeds to create a better future.

However, after reaching a certain age, some people may feel that they do not have much of a future left to change even if they plant seeds.

Well, for those people, I would like to tell them something that I have also mentioned in my book, Healing Yourself (Tokyo: Happy Science, 2008): “If you are happy right here and now, the adversities you experienced in the past will change to a golden hue.” If you are happy now, it can be said that the adversities that you experienced were good whetstones for you to create the happiness that you have today.

Now, it is here that I think the people around the person should make efforts to help him or her feel happy in the current situation. Your mother's illness is most likely caused by a self-defense instinct because she doesn't want to remember her unhappy memories. What the people around her can do is to be kind to her and be grateful for her. Even if it is difficult to put into words, it is important that your family fills their heart with words of gratitude such as, “thank you mother” or “thank you grandmother” and wish for her to feel happiness at this current moment.
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