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The Wonders of Dreams

Why do people sleep?

It's for the practice of returning to the spirit world without confusion after death and recharging life energy from the spiritual sun, which supplies energy. The soul (spirit) residing in the human body is, in fact, your true self. The soul exits the body and goes to the spirit world during sleep, and this is recorded as "dreams."

The world you visit in your dreams can change depending on your state of mind before going to sleep. Consider the following hints and try to recall the content of recent dreams.

Colorful Dreams:

If you have bright, pleasant dreams in natural colors, it can be seen as a visit to heaven to bask in the light of the spiritual sun. However, dreams that do not involve spatial displacement may be "imaginative dreams" based on your everyday experiences.

Nightmares/Fantasy Dreams:

Nightmares may be a result of a negative state of mind leading to a visit to hell, or they could be a warning from spirits showing "the world you would enter if you were to die with your current state of mind." Fantasy dreams like meeting fairies are considered visits to a higher dimension, the 4th dimension, where the upper level is the spirit world. There, there are spirits with a weak sense of being fairies or spirits.

Dreams with Advice from Acquaintances:

These dreams are often a connection with guardian spirits in heaven, who take the form of familiar people and provide guidance. They are more likely to occur when there is a clear problem to be solved, and your state of mind is not negative.

Mysterious Dream Experiences

I met my late father in a dream. Last year, my father passed away from a cerebral hemorrhage. He was a stern man, but in my childhood, he would occasionally break into a warm smile and shake my hand when praising me.

On the night before the seventh day memorial service, as I lay down to sleep with thoughts of my father, wishing he could hold my hand again, I had a remarkable experience in a dream.

In the dream, my father and some of his colleagues from his company were gathered on a baseball field, getting ready to play. I approached my father while flying in the air. Suddenly, my father reached out and shook my hand. The sensation of his hand was so real, and it felt as though I were truly meeting my father. I couldn't help but burst into tears.

This dream was a reaffirmation that our spirits return to the spirit world in our dreams.

In the dream, my father conveyed, "The spirit is free. I'm living happily in the afterlife."

I used to be the type who forgets dreams as soon as I wake up. So, I decided to keep a dream journal to remember the advice I received from my guardian spirit in dreams. Before going to sleep, I would pray to my guardian spirit, "Please help me remember my dreams." Surprisingly, from that day on, I could remember my dreams more easily.

One day, after reflecting on my lack of empathy in an argument with a friend, I went to sleep. In my dream, my friend appeared and apologized over the phone. Two days later, my friend actually called me and the same conversation occurred as in my dream.

I am grateful for my guardian spirit's intervention.

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