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The Challenge of Enlightenment

Realize Your Inner Potential

Ryuho Okawa is known for his wisdom, compassion and commitment to educating people to think and act in spiritual and religious ways. Through his Institute for Research in Human Happiness (IRH) he teaches and ministers to people who need help and they in turn spread his teachings to others.

The Challenge of Enlightenment presents Okawa's thoughts on Enlightenment; what it is, what it is not, and the place of happiness and peace in the modern world. He also discusses how to gain enlightenment, and how this links in with other tenets of the Buddhist way of life.

Presenting the nature of enlightenment and the challenge of attaining it in clear, simple but thought-provoking language, this is an excellent companion to The Essence of Buddha and The Challenge of the Mind, and offers the general reader a complete demystification of an often over-complicated tradition.

Enlightenment, Religion & Spirituality
Little, Brown; 1st ed edition (December 6, 2007)
ISBN 10: 0316731498
ISBN 13: 978-0316731492
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