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The Next Great Awakening

A Spiritual Renaissance

The Next Great Awakening begins with a recounting of Okawa's personal awakening. He explains why the "Real World" is not what we see with our limited senses, and shares "The Truth" about alien visitations in this "New Space Age."

One chapter also consists of verbatim conversations with four Higher Spirits: Enlil, Athena, Confucius and Rient Arl Croud in which they offer sage observations and predictions.

In this book Okawa describes the "New Space Age" and one that will ultimately see an influx of alien visitors, an end to war, and the beginning of Utopia on Earth. Okawa convincingly explains why Earth, of all the planets in the Universe, is destined to become the "Planet of Love," and why we must wholeheartedly welcome extraterrestrial beings. Extraterrestrials have in fact long lived among us, Okawa reports, with many more preparing to visit. Those here now, and those yet to come will publicly declare themselves once we are able to stop all wars and other forms of violence against each other and against the Earth itself, he writes.

Explaining Happy Science, Okawa describes it as a non-denominational religious movement that warmly welcomes all races and creeds. Backing up his claim are the testimonials of followers from around the world, who report that their belief in and commitment to the teachings of Master Okawa allows them to "experience miracles every day."

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