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"Near-Death Experience: What I Saw during Three Weeks of consciousness – Astral Projection and the River of Styx"

In a near-fatal accident, Y-san was struck by a truck and fell into a deep coma. During this period of unconsciousness, she underwent experiences such as astral projection, witnessing the River of Souls, and encountering the "Mirror of Divine Truth," which reflected her life.

Three Weeks of Unconsciousness

I was a high school freshman at the time, riding my bicycle along the usual route to school. It happened while I was crossing the pedestrian crosswalk. Before I knew it, a truck was rapidly approaching from the left. I tried to swerve to the right in a hurry...

I have no recollection of what happened next. I later learned that I had been hit by the truck along with my bicycle, suffering complex fractures in eight different places, subarachnoid hemorrhage, and brain contusion. I fell into a state of deep unconsciousness. When the paramedics arrived, my pupils were dilated, and everyone present thought, "It's hopeless."

Afterward, for three weeks, I teetered on the brink of life and death. Finally, my consciousness began to clear, and I became aware of excruciating pain throughout my body.


Recollection of the Accident's Aftermath

Years later, as a working adult, I found myself pondering the afterlife while reading a book by Rev. Okawa Ryuho. Strangely, the memories of that blank period during the accident started resurfacing. Furthermore, when I watched the movie "The Eternal Laws," I was truly astonished. The contents of my experience were eerily similar to scenes from the movie. Back in high school when the accident occurred, I had no clear knowledge about the afterlife or the soul. However, what I had actually experienced aligned perfectly with the teachings of Master Okawa.


My Hand Inside My Mother... Astral Projection

In the hospital, I suddenly realized that I was viewing myself lying in the bed from above, looking down from the ceiling. My mother was kneeling beside me, calling my name and crying. I descended next to my mother and placed my hand on her shoulder, or at least I attempted to. Strangely, my hand passed right through her shoulder, and she remained completely unaware of my presence. I couldn't help but wonder, "Am I invisible now?" Additionally, I remembered that immediately after the accident, even though I had repeatedly responded to the paramedics asking if I was okay, it seemed like they couldn't hear me, which felt quite peculiar.


Money and Bank Passbooks at the Riverbed... The River of Styx

Suddenly, I found myself standing by the bank of a large river. Somehow, I knew it was the River of Styx. The water was a clear, pale blue. I plunged in, and the water reached up to my knees. However, as I looked around, I saw people struggling to cross the river, with the water reaching up to their necks.

There were about ten people nearby, all stooped over and seemingly trying to pick something up. Upon closer examination, I saw that there was money and bank passbooks at the riverbed. Among them, there was one person who was crossing the river with a graceful sliding motion on one foot. This person emitted a radiant glow, and as they crossed, a sparkling trail of light followed them. I couldn't help but feel envious and thought, "I wish I could cross like that."

Movie 'The Eternal Laws 1'

Destination: Hell! The Mirror of Divine Truth

I suddenly found myself in a quiet place with a mirror. It wasn't a modern facility like the "Mirror of Divine Truth Theater" from the movie "The Eternal Laws," but standing in front of the mirror, I saw my entire life from the moment I was born up until that moment in high school, including my thoughts and actions, being vividly reflected. There's a scene in the movie "The Eternal Laws" where a character takes care of a sick person and murmurs inside, "What's the point? I'm doing my best too..." Just like that, my feelings of resentment and the moments when I had thought ill of my friends and lied to my parents were replayed before my eyes like a movie. I grew increasingly pale.

"I'll end up in hell if I die like this," I thought at that moment, overwhelmed with shame. Then, I noticed a dazzling light ahead. Straining my eyes, I saw a golden Buddha statue. For some reason, I felt that I needed to make a plea to this figure, or I would surely die. I urgently prayed, "Please, let me come back to life." However, the Buddha remained still, with closed eyes and a serene expression.

Movie 'The Eternal Laws 2

Movie 'The Eternal Laws 3

The Prayers from the Beyond

"Please, I beg you."

At that moment, I heard a voice, like a distant prayer. It was the voices of many people, including my parents, praying for me. "My return is also the wish of my parents and everyone here. I'll regret it if I die like this!" I later learned that while I was unconscious, my parents and the members of the local branch had been offering prayers for me repeatedly. "Please, let me come back to life!"

I prostrated myself before the Buddha, pleading earnestly. In response, the Buddha slowly opened its eyes and said, "I understand." Then, the Buddha uttered, "Do your best," and I received these words as I suddenly felt a rush, my eyes opened, and my entire body was engulfed in excruciating pain. I believe that was the moment my soul, which had been astral projecting, returned to this world.


Living in a Way that Won't Regret After Death

Several years have passed since that near-death experience. The memory has become even clearer as I started studying the teachings of Happy Science. I went to watch the movie "The Eternal Laws" with my friends, and we discussed our thoughts afterward. Once again, the focal point of our discussion was how to cross the River of Styx. I passionately talked about how attachment hinders us from crossing the river. Recalling that experience helps me return to the fundamental principle of living with a transparent heart. Everyone will eventually return to the afterlife, and it is precisely because of this shared experience that I want to share this truth with others.



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