What is a Spiritual Message?

A Spiritual Messages is supernaturally sourced wisdom from guardian, living, natural and extraterrestrial spirits, summoned by way of Ryuho Okawa's divine supernatural ability. Accross Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam, the voice of God has served as the foundation of enduring culture and progress. Through Okawa's channeling, a spirit's essence spanning multiple incarnations, can be accessed at-will. Wisdom lost to the ages can be re-discovered and serve as beacons to illuminate meaningful change. Furthermore, spiritual messages serve as a tool of investigative journalism -- when channeled, the consciousness of a spirit's terrestrial counterpart is revealed, granting unfiltered access to key minds of political, economic and religious authority. Through Okawa's intercession, advancements for peace and prosperity are viable.

Six Divine Supernatural Powers



spiritual sight



spiritual hearing



mind reading



fate reading



astral travel



riddance of desires

For more information, please refer to chapter four of The Laws of the Sun. Based on Ryuho Okawa's miraculous ability to see the past, present, and future, discover the remarkable framework of laws that govern the universe.

Spiritual Messages

Commencing in May 2009, Ryuho Okawa's spiritual messages were conducted live and recorded in public. As of December 25, 2019, over 500 books based on these sessions have been published, incrementing the number of spiritual messages to exceed 1,000 in just ten years. The following is a select library of spiritual messages available for purchase in North America.

Ryuho Okawa