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Spiritual Messages from Samuel Smiles

Samuel Smiles was the UK author of the masterpiece "Self-Help" in the 19th century which laid the foundation for Industrial Revolution and Japan's Meiji Restoration. If Smiles were still alive ... Read More

The Turning Point for the U.K. and Iran

Ryuho Okawa conducts interviews with the guardian spirits of Johnson, Rouhani, Khamenei and Trump to surface dormant connections that could foster new constructive dialogues between nations. Read More

Spiritual Messages from James Allen

In 1903 James Allen wrote "As a Man Thinketh" in the UK, often considered the greatest self-help book in history. What new advice does James Allen wish to convey, more ... Read More

Spiritual Interview with Princess Diana

Ryuho Okawa provides comfort to the many who mourned Princess Diana's early and unfortunate death. Okawa extends spiritual intercession, so that we may continue to pray for her happiness in ... Read More

The New Diplomatic Strategies of Sir Winston Churchill

Ryuho Okawa's spiritual interview with former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who reveals the next appearance of Hitler and offers candid commentary on the state of contemporary international affairs. Read More

Margaret Thatcher's Miraculous Message

Margaret Thatcher discusses the role governments should play, why socialism is evil, how diligence is the key to the United Kingdom's prosperity, how she successfully predicted the failure of the ... Read More