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'Digital Detox and Post-Meal Hangout'

'Digital Detox and Post-Meal Hangout'

After a satisfying meal at the restaurant, I stumbled upon a silver statue across the street. In India, elephants are considered sacred creatures, and if I recall correctly, in Buddhism, it's said that Queen Maya, the mother of Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha), dreamt of a small white elephant entering her body, which was interpreted as a sign of Buddha's conception. However, this one is silver, not white.

Now that my belly is full, I'm thinking of taking a stroll for some exercise. Opening up the guidebook, I discover there's a beautiful church nearby known for its stained glass. Speaking of churches, doesn't the novel "The Unknown Stigma 1" fit perfectly here? The novel revolves around a series of mysterious murders, with a young nun as the protagonist.

The journey feels like tracing the footsteps of the novel, and with a sense of excitement, I walk the path to the church and push open its heavy doors.

As I enter, bright light pours in front of me. Under the ceiling's cascading light, a statue of Jesus stands, and unlike the distinct Western church heaviness, the vibrant Indian hues catch my eye. The altar displays the Last Supper, and the ceiling mural depicts scenes of the Way of the Cross. A grand Gothic cathedral it is. Its beauty draws a multitude of tourists.

After a brief prayer, I take a seat and decide to read the aforementioned novel. Since it's labeled as a mystery, I wonder what the content entails. Surprisingly, the story unfolds swiftly, defying my expectations, and I am slightly taken aback. Wait, this is incredibly realistic...

And once again, I offer a prayer, "May the future of humanity be filled with happiness."

This book apparently has a sequel numbered '1'. For those who haven't read it yet, I urge you to give it a try.

"Now, go ahead and put down your smartphone. Let's read a book."