"Southern India: Beneath the Grand Tree and by the Seashore" - IRH Press International

"Southern India: Beneath the Grand Tree and by the Seashore"

After leaving the church, the sun was beginning to set, and I found myself contemplating what to do next. I had a peculiarly cheerful disposition, perhaps due to my desire for a spontaneous, aimless journey. To an observer, I might have appeared as nothing more than someone idly wandering around.

A short stroll led me to the discovery of a massive tree. It had an air of significance, reminiscent of the Bodhi tree of Buddha. A thought struck me – why not read a book right here? And the book that seemed fitting for this moment was "The Power of Basics: Introduction to Modern Zen Life of Calm, Spirituality, and Success."

Under the shade of the grand tree, I delved into the book. Wrapped in a curious sense of tranquility, I felt as though I had been shown my inner self more clearly than ever before. It reinforced the notion of nurturing the mundane actions of everyday life. Could it be that within those acts lies the path to profound enlightenment?

With a renewed spirit, I made my way to the seashore. The sun was nearing the horizon, and I decided to reopen the book.


Having been surrounded by digital devices and caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life, I relished the soothing sounds of the waves and the caress of the sea breeze. Occasionally, I took deep breaths, reflecting on the past. I acknowledged my imperfections and lack of humility at times. Yet, I resolved to move forward, one step at a time. I sensed I had grasped a sliver of the meaning behind modern Zen.

For those intrigued by contemporary Buddhism and Zen practices, I recommend giving this book a read. So, let us all set aside our smartphones and immerse ourselves in the world of words.