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The causes of Heart disease, stomach ulcers and diabetes

"Heart disease, stomach ulcers and diabetes result from
Not being able to free yourself from worry, 
Anxiety, a high-strung life – the price to be paid for a competitive society, Anger or the desire to harm oneself.
A high-calorie intake,
Too much fluids,
And insufficient exercise
Further help trigger the disease.

Excerpt from The Guide of the mind 50 "Illness and the mind" by Master Ryuho Okawa

Improve Your Daily Habits and Prevent Heart Disease

Many Japanese people die of heart disease, but almost all of these cases are actually caused by daily habits. Heart disease tends to occur when an individual habitually eats fatty or high calorie foods and does not exercise sufficiently.

It means, of course, that heart disease is preventable. Unlike spiritual influences, heart disease is rooted in bodily factors, which means that by looking at the habits people practice in their daily lives, we can tell who will fall ill. If you feel that progressing along your current path will lead to death from heart disease, then the important thing is to make improvements through the power of your will.

When you sit down to eat, it is clear that you should limit your intake of fatty and high-calorie foods. Alcoholic drinks are also loaded with calories, so if you are a heavy drinker then it's imperative that you cut back.

Some businessmen go out drinking at night and gorge themselves on the pretzels and peanuts that they get with their drinks down at the local watering hole. When they finally stumble home, they have a light meal and then turn in. These people probably pay no attention to how much they drink, thinking that alcohol is just like water, but alcohol is very high in calories - it's nothing to ingest three or four thousand calories without even realizing it, which will damage the body if it is kept up for an extended period of time.

Because heart disease is caused by our daily habits, we must start making efforts while we are in our thirties to prevent the disease from developing. Aging begins in our thirties, so we must be proactive in getting an appropriate amount of exercise, eating nutritious foods, maintaining a target weight, and getting enough rest.

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