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Cast Aside All Hatred, and Embrace Love

One of the reasons behind Master Okawa's unrelenting publication of numerous  books lies in his fervent aspiration to establish 'absolute peace.' His mission is to delve into the fundamental origins of religious conflicts.

 In his book "The Laws of Faith,"  he states the following:
“The world is divided into various religions, such as Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Taoism, Islam, Hinduism, and Japanese Shinto.

They originated independently in times when the means of transportation and communication were still limited.
They were founded for their own people native to certain geographic areas, but nowadays, we need teachings that can integrate all the advanced religions in the world.
Under such teachings, we must once again bring people of different races who believe in various religions together on equal footing that will allow them to understand each other, so that they can have discussions.”   
                                                                                  "The Laws of Faith"P 33

Truth sets us free. If we accept the existence of the spirit world and our reincarnation beyond religious and ethnic boundaries, there is no reason to fight over differences in nationality.
By reading Master Okawa's books, we can understand why religions differ and where the root of conflict lies. Through knowledge, we can embark on the path of great tolerance. Especially in these times when the world is witnessing escalating conflicts, we highly recommend Master Okawa's books.

”Humankind is one.
From now on,
Believe in the existence of God
Who surpasses worldly conflicts
And, under God,
Choose to continue with the world
That upholds freedom and democracy.

What North Korea needs is faith.
What China needs is faith, too.
What India needs is God above various gods.
What the Islamic nations need is to learn who Allah is.
I love and accept humankind beyond their differences.
Through believing,
Learn what love is.
This is my message.”
"The Laws of Faith" P.182
We would like to share a touching poem by Master Okawa." 

"Cast Aside All Hatred, and Embrace Love"

Why do people
Harbor feelings of hatred?
Why do people
Bear grudges against one another?
Why does anger
Well up from the bottom of the heart?
Why do the values of people
Confront one another and
Extend the conflicts?
Hatred is a poisoned arrow
That hurts another
And also damages our own Buddha-nature.
Hate creates toxins in the mind,
And scatter seeds of conflict and disharmony
Throughout the world (In society).
Let us believe more
Buddha-nature of one another
Let us forgive each other more
Mistakes of one another.
Cast aside all hatred
And embrace love,
Rejoice in the equality
Of everyone’s Buddha-nature.
Instead of trying to make the world
Fall down on its knees,
You shall kneel down for the world
And pray for peace.
Recommended books, "The Path of Tolerance by Knowing the Truth"