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Struggling to Make Sense of the World?

Struggling to Make Sense of the World?

Now Is the Time to
Cultivate Your Inner World

Digital Assistants Can’t
Help You Solve Real Issues in Life

How much time do you spend on digital devices every day? Studies show that the average person now spends almost 7 hours per day on digital content.[1]
That’s more than the average sleep time and 40% of waking hours. Is it really worth the time?

Sure, digital devices are convenient tools that entertain us, help us communicate with people instantly, and let us gather information we need at our fingertips, but they don’t help us solve issues that life throws at us, like the war, depression, illness, and death. Most of time, Siri, Google, or even ChatGPT won’t tell you how to get through difficult times in life. “The only way to get through them is to polish your wisdom.” says Ryuho Okawa in his 3000th book, “The Road to Cultivate Yourself.”


If you feel lost about how you should live your everyday life,or how to make sense of the things that happen around you, Okawa suggests that we “follow our silent voice.” That’s how we can gain true wisdom necessary to solve the issues that we face in life. One way to gain wisdom is to practice meditation.
Meditation is not simply about emptying your mind. The true purpose of meditation is to receive inspirations and guidance from heaven, or the world we came from before we were born into this world.

We human beings are spiritual existences, and we are born here to polish our soul through the experiences in this physical world. Becoming aware of the truth of our existence and asking fundamental questions, such as “Why were we born here?” “Why do we live on Earth?” and “Where do we go after death?” can help us make sense of the things that happen in life. By considering the past, present, and future of our life from a spiritual perspective, we begin to understand what our life is trying to teach us and how we can better live our lives from now on.

Now let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and see what we can do from today to cultivate our mind and gain wisdom.

1. Know What’s Really Happening in the World

Gaining practical and general knowledge about the world will help us understand what’s really happening and how we should cope with the situation. Instead of relying on Wikipedia or online posts, read books, newspapers, magazines, and listen to experts, attend workshops and classes to learn about what is really happening right now.

2. Learn the Wisdom that Has Stood the Test of Time

As the saying goes, “history repeats itself.” We can learn the human wisdom contained in ancient ages from history and classical works. We can definitely find the values that have survived through the ages in classical works, and can ascertain how they can be applied to the world today.

3. Open Up Yourself to a New World

You can also gain new insights by learning about foreign cultures. And the best way to do this is to study a foreign language. Language often reflects the culture and history of the country that speaks it. Once you acquire the perspectives of other countries and cultures and you will be able to see your country or your environment in a whole new light.

4. Delve into the World of the Unknown

Take one step further, and jump into the uncharted territories. More specifically, learn about the spirit world, space aliens, and UFOs. These topics are a bit controversial, and the sources of information are often untrustworthy, so we should be cautious. But you can definitely broaden your horizons by learning about the unknown. If you are not sure where to begin, you can start learning with these books:

Let’s face it. Nothing in life is stable. No matter how much success you achieve or how much money you accumulate in this world, everything could “all crumble with a single flood, earthquake, volcanic eruption, or pandemic.” And if you find yourself in a devastating situation like this, what you can count
on is the inner wisdom that you have cultivated. You can start preparing yourself right now today by reading “The Road to Cultivate Yourself.”