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The Cause of Cancer

”The causes of cancer are overwork,
Working beyond your capabilities,
Unsolvable relationship problems,
Excessive drinking and eating caused by stress,
And feelings of jealousy or hatred that remain in your heart.” 

Excerpt from The Guide of the mind 50 "Illness and the mind" by Master Ryuho Okawa

Removing Negative Thoughts Is Crucial to Curing Cancer  

Those who develop cancer often find within themselves aggressive emotions toward others, such as hatred, anger, envy, and jealousy, and negative thoughts about others, such as grudges and abusive words. These thoughts and feelings, when harbored for a long period of time, pile up inside the mind and trigger the development of cancer.

To prevent cancer, it is crucial that we clean our mind of these negative thoughts that have accumulated over the years. We can do this by reflecting on our thoughts and actions or seeking the guidance of someone who
has gained a high level of awareness.

In a Japanese animation movie called Spirited Away there is a scene in which the heroine uses warm water to clean the smelly spirit of a polluted river whose entire body is soaked in gooey sludge. The movie’s director must have an affinity with the minor realm of the spirit world to be able to depict such mysterious creatures.

Spiritually, those whose minds are full of dark and negative thoughts look like this river spirit, covered in viscous and muddy sludge. It’s only a matter of course that people with such dark, sticky, and smudgy minds develop illness. They could also attract negativity and misfortunes such as traffic accidents in
their family. Removing these muddy, negative thoughts from the mind is crucial to our ability to heal ourselves.

At Happy Science, we offer ritual prayers to help cure various illnesses, but first and foremost, we all need to become aware that we already have the power to heal ourselves. We can all cure ourselves and improve our lives by learning the right laws of the mind, turning our minds toward the bright world
of heaven, and starting to walk down the right path.

Recent research in medical science has begun to discover the relationship between a weakened immune system and the development of diseases. A deteriorated immune system can let viruses, infections, and germs enter our body, causing illness and, in the worst cases, death.

We can boost our immunity, however, by using the power of faith, or our ability to believe. In other words, we can use the power of our mind—our willpower. Our earnest wish to serve God as a living angel will fill our entire body with a dynamic and positive energy that will eventually spread into every cell in all parts of our body and improve our immunity.

Boosting our immunity this way can even cure early-stage cancer. Not only can we combat cancer this way, we can also share the power of our faith with
others to improve their immune systems. We can help them foster zest for life in each of their body cells by enthusiastically guiding them to the right path and thereby brightening up their hearts.

When we are determined to conquer illness so that we can accomplish a greater mission in life, our aspiration will spread to each of our cells and fill our entire body with a surge of power from within. By firmly believing in our purpose, we will find rejuvenating power welling up from within, making us
feel ten or twenty years younger. 

"Healing from within" P.175