What was the phrase that profoundly impacted a young in India?

 What was the phrase that profoundly impacted a young in India?

Our team had the opportunity to set up a stall at the Delhi Book Fair last month.

There, we were handing out cards printed with excerpts from 'The Law of the Sun.' During the event, a young Indian man came back to our stall and shared his experience with us, saying,

'As I was just passing by, I happened to receive one of your quote cards. After reading the excerpt, I was profoundly moved. It was then I noticed that it was from 'The Law of the Sun,' as the name was mentioned right here. That’s why I’ve come back to buy the same book.'

Indeed, I recall the first time I encountered those words myself, how they struck me, leaving an indelible mark, and how my fundamental worries seemed to vanish in an instant.

The fact that a young Indian man felt the same profound impact confirms the significant influence this book has across the globe.

You might be wondering what exactly was the phrase from 'The Law of the Sun' that had such a profound effect on him.

We invite you to explore more and perhaps discover that life-changing phrase for yourself.

Let's quote a bit more extensively.
"The essence of humans is the mind, or the soul.
The mind is everything.
So, when you die, there is nothing but your own mind that you can take back with you to the other world.
Only when you realize this can you, for the first time, let go and be honest.
If you can only take your mind back with you, then you should at least take back a beautiful mind. Then, what is a beautiful mind like?
Of course, it is a mind for which Buddha would praise you.
The mind that Buddha would praise you for is a mind full of love.
It is a giving mind, a nurturing mind, a forgiving mind, and a grateful mind.
So, in order to take such a mind back with you, shouldn't firing up red like heated iron be all about refining and developing your mind?

What do you think is the opposite of attachment? It is love.
Because love means to give. What attachments could there possibly be in the love that you continue to give for the sake of nurturing others?
So, to get rid of your attachments, first start by giving love."