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  • An Unshakable Mind
  • The Truth About Spiritual Phenomena
  • Words to Read in Times of Illness
  • The Laws of Hell
  • The Challenge of Enlightenment

Okawa Books features the prolific works of author Ryuho Okawa. Introducing Okawa's philosophies on spiritual wisdom and enlightenment to guide readers to personal growth and happiness.

Author and World Teacher Ryuho Okawa - Okawa Books / IRH Press USA
Author & World Teacher

Ryuho Okawa

Ryuho Okawa, internationally recognized best-selling author, revered World Teacher, and the founder and CEO of Happy Science Group, was born on July 7th, 1956, in Tokushima, Japan. From the time he was a child, he masterfully demonstrated tireless self-discipline but remained humble and always willing to help others. Even after he attained Great Enlightenment in 1981 his humility remained and he has been dedicated to bringing happiness to all by revealing the universal Truth which integrates spirituality and pragmatism, religion and science as all of them originally came from one source, one Truth. After graduating from the University of Tokyo with law, he joined a Tokyo-based trading house which sent him to its New York HQ as a finance officer. In 1986, he abandoned his prestigious career and started Happy Science with nothing, which now has developed as a global utopian movement having a presence in over 168 countries. Okawa has published over 3,150 books in 41 languages.