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Spiritual Interviews with Biden and Trump

The United States, and accordingly the entire earth, stand presently at a historic crossroads. The fate of the future of humanity rests largely upon the administration chosen to lead the US following the upcoming presidential election. Many millions of people may feel conflicted about their choice for the US president. In politics there are, after all, many moving parts that must be considered. A new publication by World Teacher and Happy Science CEO Ryuho Okawa, Spiritual Interviews with the Guardian Spirits of Biden and Trump, reveals the true intentions that reside in the subconscious minds of the two presidential candidates in question, and accordingly provides insight that can help Americans to make their decision at this significant turning point in history.

Spiritual Interviews with the Guardian Spirits of Biden and Trump

Biden and Trump share two different attitudes towards totalitarian China and the origin of the CCP virus. Okawa reveals the true thoughts of both candidates to forecast the the U.S. presidential election.

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The first spiritual interview is conducted with the guardian spirit, or subconscious, of democratic candidate Joe Biden. Biden admits early on in his interview that the reason his current ratings are so high is due to widespread criticism of Donald Trump, and states furthermore that if Trump changes certain policies it is likely that the ratings will shift into the latter’s favor. Biden states that, compared to Trump, he is a decent human being, but the interviewer rebuttals that as a president it is not enough to be decent; a president must produce results.

Throughout Biden’s interview he is questioned in regard to his prospective policies on dealing with China. While criticizing Trump’s “hardline” approach, Biden states that he would endeavor to be more diplomatic with China on various issues, including the freedom of the citizens of Hong Kong. When confronted with the reality that by present rates of development China will surpass the US as the world superpower within the next twenty years, Biden denies that this is possible, regardless of overwhelming evidence of the contrary.

Biden does not believe that China’s expansion into the south sea is for the purpose of hegemony, but is rather due to an effort to subsist their nation with food; this, and other policies discussed, suggests that Biden would refrain from preventing the expansion of Chinese hegemony at the detriment of its neighboring countries. When asked about difficult topics such as racism and the Black Lives Matter movement, or his questionable business ventures with China, Biden detracts from such questions altogether or else attempts to turn the attention onto Trump.

Following the spiritual interview with Biden is an interview with the guardian spirit of republican candidate Donald Trump. Throughout this interview Trump insists that he will maintain his hardline approach to China if elected to serve another four years as president of the US. Trump expresses early in the interview that he is quite certain of victory in the November election. Trump discusses the economic advantages that he has brought to Americans, including decreased taxes for businesses, and cites this as a reason for his impending victory over Biden, who would raise taxes and accordingly decrease the amount of jobs.

Trump states that he intends to form a containing force around China with the assistance of Taiwan, Japan and India. He states furthermore that he has established a diplomatic relationship with Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un, two global leaders who are notorious for being complicated, despite accusations that he is not a diplomatic president. It is explained that Trump endeavors to bring democracy and freedom to nations living under totalitarian regimes, such as Iran and China. Additionally, Trump describes certain intelligence and military tactics presently in use by the US which reveal an outstanding sense of preparation and anticipation of foreign attacks.

The Spiritual Interviews with the Guardian Spirits of Biden and Trump make it evident that the outcome of the November elections can bring about two very different administrations. The administration under Biden is, whether out of ignorance or bribery, willing to allow Chinese hegemony to expand and totalitarian ideologies to subsist throughout the world. By contrast, the administration under Trump is prepared to take more severe action against such phenomena in order to preserve and accelerate global freedom for all of humanity. The stakes in this election are remarkably high, and it is up to each American citizen to make the responsible choice that will ensure the greatest perpetuation of liberty.