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What will become of Coronavirus Pandemic?

Edgar Cayce was a well-known psychic often referred to as “the sleeping prophet” during the 20th century. In What Will Become of Coronavirus Pandemic?: Readings by Edgar Cayce, we have the rare opportunity to experience contemporary readings by the spirit of Edgar Cayce himself, as is mediated through World Teacher and Happy Science Founder Ryuho Okawa.

What Will Become of Coronavirus Pandemic?

On April 9, 2020, the Spirit of Edgar Cayce revealed to Ryuho Okawa that the Novel Coronavirus infection is likely to spread even further, but he also teaches effective ways to cope and deal with the encroaching global pandemic.

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Edgar Cayce discusses extensively the current global economic conditions and the difficulties therewith that have been caused by COVID-19, and emphasizes the importance of national self-sufficiency so as to reduce the spread of the virus. He states that it is unnatural for humans to remain isolated, and that humanity will experience difficulty with perpetuating themselves with social distance. Despite what many of us are told or hope for, Cayce is not confident that the presence of COVID-19 will simply disappear from the world within a few months.

Cayce speculates that if the virus continues to expand it may eventually infect about half of the human population on earth, where the majority of the uninfected will eventually have antibodies that may be used for a vaccine or treatment. He also states that in the future people with and without said antibodies may be viewed differently by society, and implies the danger of totalitarian treatment of those who are infected, fearing that it could potentially mirror the past behavior of the National Socialist Party of Germany.

While alive on earth Edgar Cayce predicted several apocalyptic scenarios that would potentially occur at around our present time, and he affirms that the spread of COVID-19 is, or may initiate, a type of apocalypse scenario. Were it not a biological agent, he states that it may have been nuclear war or another alternative; in other words, Cayce implies that an apocalyptic scenario in our contemporary time is a near-inevitability. This is perhaps unsurprising, given that an apocalypse often results in a great transformation, and we are in fact on the verge of a new Golden Age.*

Cayce discusses the power of faith, prayer and spiritual immunity, and states that the power of the works of Happy Science, which are given to us by El Cantare, is much greater than that of the droplets that allow COVID-19 to spread; in fact, he believes that Happy Science itself may come to spread like a “virus” and become embraced by a great portion of humanity, especially when it is seen that old religions and a purely secular lifestyle are not holistically efficient. The power of faith in El Cantare is described as an important protection for humanity to embrace right now, which is likewise the acknowledgement and benevolent influence of the Savior.

In discussing further the importance of Happy Science and faith in God in general, Cayce states the importance of banishing hellish influences from our minds and embracing that which is divine. At a time where it seems that nature is attempting to reduce the average human lifespan from nearly 100 down to 50, Cayce emphasizes the importance of missionary work, stating that although the body is alive for only a short time, the soul is eternal and will be judged for its actions. He states that Happy Science now has a very solid foundation that is capable of benevolently changing the world and shaping current events. Despite social-distancing limitations, Cayce suggests that we can still perform missionary work in small groups, even if it is only one-on-one communication; what matters most is that we are proactive. Cayce also states that simple sacred statements have been enough to heal the world and ease or prevent catastrophes in the past, such as mantras; for devotees of Happy Science, it is enough to state the name of El Cantare, and to spread such slogans as “Let’s pray to El Cantare,” “Let’s learn about El Cantare,” and “Let’s study the teachings of El Cantare” into the world through a variety of methods that are at our disposal.

Following the spiritual reading, Ryuho Okawa affirms that, given Cayce’s 14,000 psychic readings performed during his life, many of which pertained to medical matters, he is a strong authority on matters of medicine and health, and is furthermore believed to be the Archangel Sariel, as well as Bhaisajyaguru, the tathagata of medicine. Edgar Cayce demonstrates throughout this spiritual reading his extensive understanding of medicine and of the power of immunity through faith that Happy Science teaches. His perspectives are valuable to all of humanity; certainly to devotees of El Cantare, but also, and importantly, to those who have yet to hear and embrace the name of El Cantare. Those with an interest in the spiritual dynamics of COVID-19, Edgar Cayce, and the role of Happy Science in the world today will benefit from reading this book.

* The era which Happy Science is striving to establish, the world of peace & prosperity with no atheism / communism and war and poverty, aiming to establish during 2020 – 2030.