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R. A. Goal’s Words for the Future

How would you react if you knew that civilization as you know it was on the brink of a great transformation? What would it be like if you knew that the way of life you currently live would have to adapt to a rapidly changing world? Furthermore, if you had this knowledge, what changes would you want to bring into a new world?

R. A. Goal's Words for the Future

Believe it or not, we are being watched by beings from outer space. Some of them try to attack us while others are protecting and guiding us, and R. A. Goal is one of the latter.

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Destruction often precedes creation; that which is old must be dismantled in order for that which is new to take its place. In R. A. Goal’s Words for the Future, we are provided with insights into the process of destruction and creation that the world is presently enduring. For those unfamiliar with R. A. Goal, he is a Messiah type space being from the planet Andalucia Beta in Ursa Minor, and a commander of the space defense force. However in this book, an astonishing fact is revealed that he is a space soul of Shakyamuni Buddha and is in possession of the ability to create advanced civilizations on a planetary scale. As a rebirth of Buddha, Ryuho Okawa is in frequent communication with R. A. Goal, the latter of whom is a protector of the former (refer to the preface of this book).

Many of the messages of R. A. Goal’s Words for the Future may initially appear bleak; he speaks to humanity about the high probability of the coronavirus worsening in accordance with future mutations, the decline of the United States, the collapse of the European Union, economic crashes, the possibility of another world war, and the continuation of restricting free speech in otherwise democratic nations.

Information like this can be understandably disheartening. It can be frightening to envision a world in which war, economic uncertainty, and social destabilization are commonplace. However, if we look around us today, it is clear that we are living in that world. We are already in the midst of great changes. These changes may be frightening, but they can also be exciting. A time such as this serves as a powerful challenge through which we all experience an opportunity to fortify our soul.

If the United States experiences a decline, it will be a learning opportunity for past mistakes. If the European Union collapses, it may offer a chance for individual nations to rebuild their sense of independence and freedom. Economic crashes and wars are a test of our resilience. Restrictions on free speech provide us with the challenge of standing up for what is right and true, no matter the cost.

These times are not all bad. Throughout the messages of this book, readers are provided with a wealth of information about benevolent space people (not malicious kinds), their means of travel through specifically described types of UFOs, and a commentary on the progress that present UFO disclosures by governments will bring to the world. These are exciting times and the challenges are here to help us bring our civilization forward.

R. A. Goal’s Words for the Future brings us many warnings in order to prepare humanity for changes that are happening and which are still yet to come, but it also provides us with much-needed hope and guidance to aid humanity in building a better world.

Look at the world around you today; what are the possible positive changes that you can see rising from the vast potential of a changing world? What can you do to help initiate those changes?