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Spiritual Messages from Yaidron

Those who have been keeping up with the spiritual messages communicated through Master Ryuho Okawa are aware that the Earth is at something of a breaking point. For those who haven’t, Spiritual Messages from Yaidron: Save the World from Destruction is a timely point from which to begin.

Spiritual Messages from Yaidron

Yaidron explains what was going on behind the military coup in Myanmar and Taliban's control over Afghanistan. He also warns of the imminent danger approaching Taiwan. According to what he observes from the universe, World War III has already begun on Earth.

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This book is a harsh scolding from the space being named Yaidron. To preserve the justice of this nation and the world, I must talk to the space beings and make the final decision. I will save those who believe in us and even those who do not if they accord with justice.

– Ryuho Okawa, Preface

As the above quotation indicates, Yaidron is one of the messianic space beings who has been monitoring the Earth and trying to guide humanity to peace and prosperity. Specifically, he is from the Planet Elder in the Magellanic Clouds, and is akin to the god of justice. After receiving teachings from El Cantare on a messiah-training planet, Yaidron has become a protector of El Cantare on Earth, Ryuho Okawa.

What kind of guidance can Yaidron, one of the messianic space beings that has attended to the rise and fall of Earth’s civilizations, wars, and natural disasters, offer to humanity today?

Within a relatively brief period of time the geopolitical landscape underwent significant changes. A coup occurred in Myanmar, resulting in the rule of a dangerous military dictatorship. A very similar incident transpired in which Afghanistan fell by the hands of the Taliban. In similitude, Communist China’s “One Belt, One Road” Initiative is rapidly expanding.

What do these events have in common?

As Yaidron points out, there is a correlation between the above events and the beginning of the Biden presidency. Because President Biden, unlike President Trump, is very predictable, the enemies of freedom and democracy now have an easier time executing their plans.

However, Yaidron also indicates to us that plans for the above incidents, as well as incidents yet to come, have been in development for some time. The danger of humans such as Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin, who desire perpetual power, play a role in all of this, as do the negative spiritual forces acting behind such humans.

Ultimately, it is revealed that World War III has been underway for approximately a year and a half at the time of writing.

What is the nature of this new world war, and what is at stake?

Many difficult truths are revealed throughout these spiritual messages. The war on freedom and democracy, and simultaneous developments in totalitarianism, are rapidly gaining ground. Leading nations such as the US, Japan, and much of Europe have become severely weakened in the face of this. The coronavirus, as well as potential chemical warfare tactics, are being weaponized to bring free nations into submission. The Earth Consciousness itself is in danger.

Yaidron’s messages are not fatalistic, however. There is hope, and there is a role that each of us must ardently assume if we are to take part in positively impacting a world that is being intentionally accelerated towards destruction.

Those wishing to have a thorough understanding of these matters, as well as the truth concerning anthrax outbreaks in China, the problem with Islamic fundamentalism, and Yaidron’s scenario for the collapse of the CCP should consider Spiritual Messages from Spiritual Messages from Yaidron: Save the World from Destruction necessary reading for themselves and their loved ones, as well as their community and nation.