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The True Heart of Yaidron

Imagine, if you will, that it is not only God who is watching over us, but also immortal messianic space-beings. What would such beings think of humanity today, and how would they interact with us? How might we benefit from hearing from perspectives such as theirs, which exist at such a spiritually-elevated and objective point of view?

The True Heart of Yaidron

What are the real cause and evil schemes behind the worldwide coronavirus crisis whose death tolls are now past 2.8 million? How does this crisis and humankind on Earth appear now from a higher standpoint?

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Those who have been keeping up with World Teacher and Happy Science CEO Ryuho Okawa’s Spiritual Messages and Spiritual Interview Series are aware that such concepts are very real, and that the answers to such questions are available to us today.

Yaidron is one such Messianic space-being and is described as being akin to the god of justice. The True Heart of Yaidron: Guidelines for Humanity Suffering from the Coronavirus, is a newly published transmission from the space-being in question. Yaidron has communicated concerns about the present state of global affairs, including existential threats that could result in such catastrophic consequences as global poverty and the acceleration of harmful climate change, as well as, and notably, the present threat of communism.

In these messages, Yaidron urges humanity to investigate the injustices of communist China, both in relation to the coronavirus and as concerns other matters such as economic manipulation and human rights violations. As China continues to make headway in their efforts to weaken the remainder of the major global economy while establishing strong diplomatic ties with nearby nations, their injustices go unacknowledged. Worse still is that the power of Ahriman, the evil ruler of the rear (dark) side of the universe, an existence similar to ‘Emperor Palpatine’ in the Star Wars series, is directing the ruler, strategy and agenda of CCP.

Consider what the world would look like if China’s plans came to fruition. First-world nations such as the United States would become like third-world nations. Humanity would experience a so-called “equality” only in the form of poverty. Religion and spirituality would be illegal, and the transgression of this or other totalitarian laws would be met with incredibly dire consequences. Furthermore, all individuality and personal ambition would be suppressed, and in place of such qualities would be a global reliance upon a totalitarian dictatorship.

Such would be a very bleak world, one in which the very soul of humanity would be oppressed and restricted.

Consider the following alternative:

A global and universal religion could unite people of all types under one common banner of faith. Individual accountability would become the predominant attitude of humanity, and as a result, prosperity could be established throughout the earth. Religious conflicts, many of which have been occurring for millennia, would finally be resolved, and a universal sense of peace could finally be achieved. Furthermore, nations which have committed terrible injustices would finally be brought to justice, and measures would be taken to prevent such things from happening in the future.

Such a utopian vision may seem out of reach, given the dark times we are in, but through faith all things are possible. Each and every one of us could play a role in building this utopia, but only if we accept responsibility for the role we are meant to play as children of God. There truly are beings greater than ourselves watching over us; let us seriously consider what they have to tell us.

To learn more about these topics, including the depth of the socio-political challenges facing the world today, check out The True Heart of Yaidron: Guidelines for Humanity Suffering from the Coronavirus.

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