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With Savior

With Savior: Messages from Space Being Yaidron is an exciting new publication by World Teacher and Happy Science CEO Ryuho Okawa. A spiritual message from a messianic space being such as Yaidron is an incredibly rare phenomenon. Such a work as this offers us a rare glimpse into the manner that highly evolved space beings view humanity and the earth, while simultaneously imparting necessary wisdom for these complex times that indicate the dawning of the new Golden Age.

With Savior

Humanity is facing unprecedented events: pandemics, insect swarms, extreme weather, hegemonism and human rights suppression by totalitarian China. However, the Savior is here on Earth with us and He wants us to awaken and recognize our mission to increase light and diminish darkness in this world.

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Ryuho Okawa states at the beginning of the book that although space beings like Yaidron usually appear in accordance with their UFO, he wanted to mediate a message from Yaidron in the usual manner of his other spiritual messages. Yaidron, it is explained, is a type of being that is able to communicate about earth in a manner that is both calm and objective; such a perspective is accordingly quite valuable to humanity, and especially during times such as this. This particular space being is one that protects and watches over Ryuho Okawa at all times in order to ensure he is undisturbed in the midst of his Divine Mission.

Yaidron affirms early on in his message that the coronavirus pandemic was manufactured by certain humans intentionally, and other messages received by Ryuho Okawa throughout the present year (2020) likewise attest to this. It is implied that there are efforts being made to reduce the global human population by several billion, and biological warfare, referred to as the “pauper’s nuclear weapon,” is one method amongst several described by which this may be achieved. Yaidron notes that throughout history there have been events in which a portion of the human population has been reduced significantly, and that such events have often coincided with religious phenomena, such as wars between differing religious factions.

In the present time there are indeed religious wars, but perhaps more pressing is the vast amount of humans who have turned away from their faith in God and toward atheism and secularism. Although the coronavirus may be considered a “communist virus,” Yaidron explains that the communist virus itself began to spread in the 1800’s through a process of replacing “Faith-DNA” with atheistic values. Those who are aware of the savior who has been born into this time will be able to attune their values to that of faith in God, but the message of the savior must continue to be spread, lest humanity face more disasters. Despite the dangers of atheism on a global scale, Yaidron states that China’s plan for global communist hegemony will face great difficulty against the Christian-American, Indian and Islamic world, all of which form a large portion of the global population and are largely able to maintain faith alongside financial affluence.

Yaidron and space beings like him watch over the earth but do not necessarily interfere during peaceful times. The beings watching over the earth now are hoping that humanity can make the right decisions on their own, without the necessity of interference that would prevent the destruction of this world as a spiritual training ground. A savior is sent to a planet in times such as this in order to offer humanity, or another human-like species, the opportunity to re-attune themselves to the Truth.

From the perspective of Yaidron and other space beings, humanity is not only facing wealth inequality in the present time, but also knowledge inequality. Yaidron states that at the present time those with knowledge wield power over those who do not, and that this is a problem for the world. Such is why beings like Yaidron deliver messages to Happy Science, as a means of counteracting the strictly communist knowledge with different forms of knowledge that the former cannot obtain through purely atheistic and scientific means. With this considered, it is evident that the opportunity to receive messages such as that being described is truly a miracle which is capable of liberating humanity from the restrictions of the communistic way of thinking.

Concerning the upcoming US presidential election, Yaidron states that he and others are working to help ensure a victory for president Donald Trump. These space beings are furthermore working to facilitate benevolent changes within China, in part by influencing global decisions such as the imposition of economic sanctions thereunto. The space beings watching over earth endeavor to help people that can strengthen their country while expressing faith in God to become national leaders. When the opposite is true, as was the case during the Obama administration in the US, and as would be the case under a possible Biden administration, there are inevitably difficult repercussions. One such repercussion at the present time would be that a Biden administration, due to reducing pressure on China, could result in Xi Jinping rising up as a Hitler-like figure in the geopolitical arena.

Concerning Japan, Yaidron states that Japan has no one to fall back on and must steer itself. Presently, the media of Japan is stated to have a disproportionately high amount of influence in Japanese politics, which is quite problematic. It is also stated that the longer Shinzo Abe remains in office, the more likely it is that Japan will become more like China; such is a dire threat to the future of Japan. It is stated, quite significantly, that bureaucracy destroys democracy, and that it will be necessary for Japan to reset its overly-bureaucratic tendencies. Such will, however, result in a chaos out of which a new order can be born. Such will be necessary in order to provide equal opportunity, instead of Keynesian handout policies, to all people in Japan. The same can be said for much of the earth and global economy. It is explained that the Golden Age is a process of destruction and new construction.

The book consists of two messages from Yaidron and covers a broad variety of topics. While some of the information imparted during the first message has been described above, all of which pertains to current events, the second message is with a cosmological quality. Yaidron discusses what existence is like on his own planet Elder, explores how space beings view the primitive behavior of humanity, how such beings view time and space, how UFOs function, and how Yaidron and space beings like him have interacted with humanity throughout history, to name only a few of many fascinating points that are explored. This is information that readers will not find anywhere else.

Throughout With Savior, a messianic space being Yaidron provides an abundance of Divine knowledge and wisdom that is practical and timely. Those who receive these messages are truly blessed with a form of knowledge that surpasses what any material science is capable of understanding. As Yaidron indicates, the future of scientific and technological development will be found in religion. While these and coming times will be very difficult, they are a necessary transition into the Golden Age, and those who make themselves open to messages such as this will be better situated for the world that is coming. Pick up a copy of this work and find out for yourself what is on the horizon for humanity and earth, what you can do to adequately prepare for it, and learn what materialist science can never teach about the true nature of the universe.