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Celebrating Ryuho Okawa’s 3,000th book

Thirty-seven years after Ryuho Okawa’s first publication, his unprecedented works now surpass 3,000 titles with translations in over 40 languages. On June 1st, Happy Science held a press event at The Okura Tokyo commemorating Okawa’s grand achievement.

Thirty-seven years after Ryuho Okawa's first publication, his unprecedented works now surpass 3,150 titles with translations in over 41 languages. On June 1st, Happy Science held a press event at The Okura Tokyo commemorating Okawa's grand achievement.

Ryuho Okawa's 3,000 book

The Path to Self-Discipline

Our world is on the brink of collapse, marked by a global pandemic, the Russia Ukraine war, spiraling international tensions, and devastated economies. To persevere, we need to polish our wisdom. The secret to elevate society and invite a new prosperous era is crystalized here.

Road to Messiah

In July, 1985, Okawa's debut book, The Law of the Sun was published in Japan. His inaugural title galvanized readers seeking spiritual development during an era of materialism dominating Japan. On October 6, 1986, Okawa founded the spiritual organization Happy Science to imbue readers and adherents with new forms of spiritual instruction. On November 23rd of the same year, Okawa "Turned the Wheel of Truth," initiating his divine mission.

The Trilogy of Salvation

Okawa's core teachings are presented in the following texts:

The First Lecture

In July of 1991, 50,000 core believers gathered at Tokyo Dome for the "Celebration of the Lord's Descent." There, Ryuho Okawa revealed his true spiritual being as El Cantare.

The Rebirth of Buddha

The noble enlightenment of the true Buddha and his great wisdom to revitalize the teachings from 2,500 years past.

The Laws Series

The Laws of Secret ranked No.1 in Japan with 33 consecutive years of best-seller recognition of the 28 volumes that comprise Okawa's "Law" series.

The New Resurrection

On May 14, 2004, at the age of 47, Okawa experienced painful compression in his chest. At a distinguished Tokyo hospital, attending physicians marveled at his state, declaring that Okawa should have perished from cardiac arrest. Despite the pessimism and concerns from a team of respected physicians, Okawa had miraculously revived from clinical death. From the ICU, Okawa became aware of his remaining time and vowed to continue his sacred mission.

The New Resurrection

An inspiring autobiographical account of an astonishing miracle experienced by author Ryuho Okawa, who resurrected from physical death in 2004 after a severe myocardial infarction. We all harbor a powerful will to live; discover the innate essence that regenerates our well-being.

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Two years later, in June 2007, Okawa embarked on a world missionary tour, commencing with the "Turning of the Wheel of Truth Overseas" in Hawaii. Okawa's teachings expand to cover concrete proposals for resolving worldwide political and economic situations, and he has given over 3,500 lectures in both Japanese and English.

World Teacher

After resurrecting from his physical death, Okawa's work expanded tenfold by his laying down the foundation for ideal politics and education by establishing the Happiness Realization Party in 2009, and the Happy Science Academy - the Nasu Main Campus in 2010 and the Kansai Campus in 2013. Additionally, he is also the founder of Happy Science University (HSU), which opened as a private institution of higher education in April 2015.

To heighten the existence of the spiritual world, Okawa holds live intercession with spirits from terrestrial and extraterrestrial domains. Over 1,250 spiritual messages have been documented, of which, 600 have been published.

Not limited to print media alone, Ryuho Okawa holds meritorious achievements in television, film, and music. Okawa's teachings have influenced 25 feature-length films, and over 450 original musical compositions that convey Truth through art and music.

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