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Simplify Your Life

Having a positive outlook is the surest and easiest way to simplify your life. It’s about seeing the bright side of any situation and interpreting it in a positive way. If you can live your life believing this simple truth, you will be able to open a path to a life of joy and happiness. If you think too much and often find yourself trapped by your own complicated thoughts, take a moment to clear out your mind. Remove all the fetters and complications as if you were sweeping out the cobwebs with a broom. Remember, the real starting point of life is to live with simplicity and a positive attitude.

To simplify your life, always live with a carefree spirit. Imagine a shallow stream in the gentle spring sunlight, maybe less than a foot deep. The sun is shining on the slow-flowing stream; the bed of the little river sparkles like gold. As the stream flows it makes a joyous sound, reflecting the gentle patterns of sunlight on its surface. Live transparently, just like the water of the stream. Leading a life that is transparent means to live unaffected, with simplicity, and avoid complicated thinking.

Don’t be preoccupied by your distrust of others, doubts, or trapped by negative emotions or inferiority complexes. Even if someone has betrayed or deceived you, let it go, and simply continue life unaffected by it. Live cheerfully, naturally, and with simplicity. Live with a carefree spirit, like a child who forgets all the worries of the day after a good night’s sleep. Remove the heavy bricks of burden from your mind, and make your mind airy and light. This is how you can simplify your life and live a spiritual life filled with light and joy.

Consider this: The real starting point of life is to live with simplicity and a positive attitude.

Consider this: Discard all the fetters and complications in your mind and imagine as if you have become the water of a flowing stream in the gentle spring sunlight.

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