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Success Principles in All Aspects of Life

What would you do if one day, you are not feeling well, so you decide to go to the doctor, only to be told that your heart has stopped beating and that medically speaking, you’re already dead? This was exactly the situation Ryuho Okawa found himself in the day before he wrote the preface and afterword for The Laws of Success: A Spiritual Guide to Turning Your Hopes Into Reality. He didn’t let his critical health condition hold him back from his work. You can feel his strong determination in his positive, bold, and confident words in the afterword, “Your belief in this book will make your dreams come true. This book is your beacon of light through times of hardship and sorrow.”

Now that Okawa has fully recovered, not only has he become healthier, but also has been working more vigorously and enthusiastically. To date, he has delivered 2,600 lectures around the world, published more than 2,200 books in 28 languages, produced 11 feature films, and built temples, schools, and a political party. Okawa is, in fact, living proof of his own philosophy of success.

So what makes this book so empowering that it even inspirited the author himself when he was lying in a hospital bed? The Laws of Success does not simply deal with how to achieve success in this world; it takes a much wider, deeper, and bigger perspective that encompasses both this world and the world beyond. The type of success that Okawa writes about in this book is the success that we can experience in this world, and then take with us when we leave this world. Okawa’s principles of success are based on the premise that we continue to exist even after we die, and that we can only bring our mind—our thoughts and feelings—to the other world. Since the mind is the only possession we can take with us to the other world, all of what we experience in this world are essentially materials that help cleanse, buff, and polish our mind. This world is meant to be a place for us to gain all kinds of experiences that offer us opportunities to cultivate a rich, round, and beautiful heart.

This no way means that we should neglect happiness and success in this world. We should cherish positive experiences as they can enrich our hearts and bring joy and fulfillment to the lives of many. But we should always remember that the mind is the key factor in opening up a path to success. Our positive thoughts, attitudes, and visions are what bring success into our life. Our strong and earnest desire makes the impossible possible.

Okawa’s earnest wish to fulfill his mission has empowered him to triumph over numerous setbacks and difficulties he has faced, and his keen awareness of his purpose in life continues to propel him forward, step by step, toward his goal of spreading happiness throughout the world.

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The Laws of Success

In these pages you will find timeless wisdom for living with purpose and advice on how to seed joy at home and in the workplace. Ryuho Okawa introduces 8 powerful principles to actualize hope, guard from setbacks and live constructively.

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