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Ryuho Okawa Releases “The Laws of Faith”

Since the immemorial, religion has played a central role in the shaping of human history, and faith has always been the anchor of the mind for individuals. However, the recent advancement of civilization has brought about a flood of information and a jumble of values, which led many people to lose sight of their faith. This trend seems to be further accelerated by the fact that traditional religions like Christianity and Islam have not been able to provide convincing answers to modern-day issues such as religious conflicts and terrorist attacks, arms race, nuclear war crisis, immigrants and refugees, social welfare, and political or economic chaos.

Today, many people are asking such questions as: “Does God really exist?” “If God exists, why does He not prevent war or eliminate poverty and suffering? “Why do religions clash with one another?” “Why do people discriminate against others?”

To offer answers to these questions, renowned spiritual leader and best-selling author Ryuho Okawa and the founder of the Happy Science movement, has published The Laws of Faith: One World Beyond Differences.

The Laws of Faith

How can faith unite all people? Ryuho Okawa reveals that his spiritual name, El Cantare, is the genesis of all world religions and has been guiding humanity since antiquity. Understand the one source that we all share, overcome differences and become one people on planet Earth.

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The Laws of Faith is the latest in the Okawa’s annual Laws series. This groundbreaking book mixes religion, spirituality, politics, International relations, economics and self-development. The book addresses the heart of current issues and offers solutions from the integrated perspective of rational and spiritual reasoning. Okawa shares the truth of a deep spiritual connection among different religions to cultivate a shared understanding which, he says, will lead to solving entailed issues caused by misunderstanding.

The Laws of the Sun which was written in 1986 and has sold over 10 million copies to date and is due out in paperback in the Fall of 2018, is the basis of Okawa’s teachings and will serve as a companion to The Laws of Faith.

These are the Words of God who create you. These are the Words of God – the God of ancient Africa, the Middle East and India, and the God who appears in the Old Testament and the New Testament, and in the Koran. These are also the Words of the Supreme God Shangdi, the 5,000 years of Chinese history, the God who existed since pre-Kajiki times in Japanese Shinto, and the God known as Odin, the father of Mighty Thor and Loki in Northern Europe. This God is also the God of North and South America. The one and only Supreme God who stands above various ethnic gods and diverse gods – He is the highest God of the Earth who was once called Alpha, once known as Elohim, and is known as El Cantare.

The Laws of Faith is divided into six parts, representing six of Okawa’s recent lectures.

Chapter 1

The Power to Believe: Creating a New Reality for Your Life and the World

Introduces Okawa’s thoughts on the development of Happy Science and how it has impact internationally.

Chapter 2

Starting from Love: Solve Life's Problems and Become an Expert in the Study of Life

Okawa discusses our desire to be loved, the pain of love that comes from our individual and business challenges, a path to understand and embrace love, transcending hatred with love and the need our world has for love.

Chapter 3

The Gate to the Future: Use Your 30,000 Days of Life to Benefit the World

Describes a path from your birth to your future and after death including additional thoughts on the world of politics and economics and the one-sided information presented by the mass media.

Chapter 4

The World Religion of Japanese Origin will Save the Earth: Building Up a Nation that will Serve to Eliminate all Conflicts from This Planet

Strongly asserts the author's worries about Japan as well has his work as World Teacher and how to eradicate world conflicts as well as thoughts on the origins of the differences in religions.

Chapter 5

What is the Faith in the God of the Earth: Living in the Age of the New Genesis of Earth

Speaks about El Cantare, the God of the Earth and his descendants, and Happy Science today and in the future.

Chapter 6

The Choice of Humankind: Uphold Freedom and Democracy Under the God of Earth

Concludes with the future of Earth including a look at the United States, North Korea, the Middle East, Russia, China, and Japan. Okawa concludes by discussing the problem of separation of religion and state in free and democratic nations.

Ryuho Okawa writes that “what the world needs now is love.” By believing that both you and others are being internally nurtured through God’s Love, you can forgive others and transcend hatred on the personal, group, racial, national and global levels. By reading The Laws of Faith, Okawa will not only make you feel the Love of God is always with you, but also give you peace of mind. By learning the truth of the God of the Earth and knowing His Love, you can wakeup to the true meaning of your life, gain confidence, and change our life and the world for the better. Your awakening to faith is the first set to overcome differences and conflicts, fill the world with love and hope, and bring about a brighter future for humankind.

The Laws of Faith is available at better bookstores nationwide and online providers.

Ryuho Okawa is the author of over 2,400 books which have sold over 100 million copies worldwide, and been translated into 30 languages. In 1986 after working on Wall Street, Okawa established Happy Science as a spiritual movement dedicated to bringing greater happiness to humankind by uniting religions and cultures to live in harmony by overcoming various barriers among humanity.

Happy Science spread over 100 countries in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Canada and over 12 million followers strives to lead the future of the world by following God’s Justice — having impacted enlightening individuals, religious organizations and governments. Happy Science maintains United States Temples in New York, New Jersey, Atlanta, Tampa, Los Angeles and San Francisco.