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The Seeds within Your Mind Determine Your Future

If you want to change yourself, you will need to change your thoughts first. Depending on the kind of seeds or thoughts you plant within your mind, your future will either be positive or negative, optimistic or pessimistic, happy or unhappy. If you want to build a better you and have a future filled with happiness, you will need to start with sowing positive seeds in your mind and encouraging their growth while keeping a positive image of yourself.

At times we may be overwhelmed by negative thoughts. When this happens, simply generate positive thoughts from within yourself to counteract the negative influences. It is impossible for human beings to hold two contradictory thoughts within their mind at the same time. Someone who is happy cannot simultaneously be unhappy, and an unhappy person can not be happy at the same time. It is impossible to talk about something sad while laughing, or to have a joyful conversation while crying sadly. Human beings are unable to think of more than one thing at a time, so knowing what occupies your mind is very important.

Keep a positive image of yourself and try to develop your self-image into a more successful person who contributes to society. Visualize those around you becoming happy as you achieve happiness. Even when you feel defeated by negative thoughts, summon courage from within and reaffirm your positive thoughts. Use your will power and make a daily effort. Do what you can do today and sustain hope for tomorrow.

If you can practice this throughout your life, you will be able to continuously change yourself and build a better you. To win against fate, you need to know how to develop your mental attitudes and change your thought patterns toward the right direction. In order to change yourself, remember to always begin with sowing good seeds and truly understand that thoughts can generate great power.

Consider this: Knowing constantly what is in your mind is a good start to changing yourself.

Try this: When you are feeling negative, generate positive thoughts from within to counteract them.

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