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The Third Key to Meaningful and Happy Relationships: Feel the Universe Within

Reaching a deep understanding of other’s inner worlds so often reveals to us a perfect reflection of our own minds, and vice versa. We discover that our innermost selves share the same Truths with each other.

We Are Reflections of the Same Truths

This realization of our oneness with everyone is the magic of love and understanding. No matter how far apart we live, or how differently our physical appearances look, our inner worlds work in the same ways. Our sadness, anger, joy, and excitement, are experienced for the same reasons. There are striking similarities in the way we think and reason. And our actions and behavior follow the same patterns.

You and I are separate and unique people, but that never meant we were ever alone. There were times when we felt as if we had been abandoned in the middle of a gigantic desert, all by ourselves, with no one to ask for help, and the only thing we could do was pray. We struggled to understand others and we struggled to be understood by them, and we failed to come together. But that was all an illusion. We were never alone in our struggles; we were always surrounded by mirrors of our existence who shared the same Truths and experiences. Even though we hadn’t realized it and hadn’t appreciated them, there were always countless people who helped and supported us. Everyone around us is a real form of this abundant love.

Feel the Universe That Holds Us Together

The abundance of love that we discover can’t be a coincidence. It must be meant to be there, around us, and within us. There is so much that we have in common in the depths of our souls that it gives us a glimpse of something profound and abundant far beyond the oneness we feel between each other; we feel the Universe, God, within us. There must be a Universal Being that supplies us with the happiness and energy of our sense of wholeness, which inspires us to keep understanding each other and loving one another.

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