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Words Have the Power to Drive Your Life Forward

Just as a smile lights up your face, your words light up your character. Even if you’re having a bad day, if you keep grumble about it all day long, your words will only have a negative effect not only on your life, but also on the lives of people around you. Instead, focus on the good things that happen in the course of your day and talk about them. It will lift up your own spirits, and also bring happiness to those you talk to.

It is actually in times of suffering and sadness that you need to speak constructive and positive words because the moment you utter them, you can discard all gloomy feelings inside you.

If you hear successful people talk, you’ll notice that they always speak positive and constructive words. This is because positive words pull people toward success. Just as a horse pulls a carriage, so do words draw our lives forward. The words we choose to speak determine our happiness or unhappiness.

Imagine that you are riding in a horse-drawn carriage. Every time you speak a positive word, you are adding a horse to your carriage. If you say two positive words, you are adding two horses; if you say three positive words, three additional horses and so on. This is how you can increase your horsepower and advance forward in your life. The more positive words you speak, the more horses you’ll have to advance your carriage called life. Pretty soon you will notice that you will be able to carry a great number of passengers and luggage as well.

Consider this: Positive words pull your life forward. The words you choose to say determine your happiness or unhappiness.

Try this: Find good things that happened to you today and share them with others.

This article was written based on Ryuho Okawa’s book, Coffee Break.