Do you feel lonely and alone?
Loneliness is a painful and sad thing. However, you are never alone.
There surely are people who truly care about you, even if you don't realize it.

From Master President Ryuho Okawa, we have selected a prescription for your mind to ease the troubles of loneliness.

Making "nectar" in solitude



Loneliness is a lifelong problem for human beings.

For example, even when you are a student, you will probably be lonely when you are studying, and even when you start working, you will probably be lonely when you are single. And even in your later years, the time of loneliness will come again. It is not uncommon for children to leave the nest, husbands to die before their wives, and wives to die before their husbands. There are many people who lose their husbands or wives in their middle age, in their forties or so.

Therefore, solitude must be considered half of life's challenges. The important question is, "What kind of nectar do we make in our time of solitude?

The "nectar" that we accumulate will become wisdom, and we will grow further as a human being.

From "The Spirit of a Wife: Learning from Kazutoyo Yamauchi's Wife" by Ryuho Okawa


People who don't have time for solitude are lacking in creativity


In a sense, a manager, for example, is still no good if he or she does not have time for solitude. A manager must always be busy working and visiting clients. This may be a supreme necessity, but on the other hand, it is also true that they need to recharge their energy.

People who do not have time for solitude will be lacking in creativity. They lack inspiration and fall behind in thinking of new products, businesses, services, and many other things. It is very difficult, but we humans inevitably need both the static and the behavioral aspects.

Even though I often speak in public, but I am usually quiet. If we do not spend somesuch quiet time in contemplation and study, wisdom will not be born. Wisdom cannot be generated if I am constantly discharging my energy. I form wisdom in that quiet time, and then pass it on to as many people as possible.


From "The Power of Character" by Ryuho Okawa



Your guardian spirit watches over you every day


When I talk about the other world and say, “Everyone has theiran own guardian spirit who watches over thehim all the time,” then those who lack faith will quickly snap back by saying, “If I have a guardian spirit, why am I so unhappy?” “Why did I fail in running a company?” “Why can't I make money?” “Why did members of my family get sick and die? It can't be true.”

There are people who say, “If my guardian spirit does exist, it should surely protect me. But actually it doesn't, so I cannot believe in it.” These people tend to choose unhappiness. They are the type of people who think the worst about everything.

I have been observing for a long time and I can tell you that your guardian spirit really does watch over your way of life every day, experiencing your joys and sorrows with you.


From “Spiritual World 101" by Ryuho Okawa



The guardian spirit takes the role of a driving instructor while the person on earth actually takes the wheel



In principle, the person living on earth in physical form is undergoing soul training for this lifetime, so it is the person on earth who actually has the responsibility for his own life.

If the person on earth were completely controlled by the guardian spirit like a puppet like some kind of Pinocchio, then there would be no point to the soul training a person undertakes in this world. It would

be meaningless. For this reason, the guardian spirit is not allowed to be totally in control. This is something of a dilemma.

The guardian spirit is always with you, much like a back-seat driver, and says, “You should not go that way. Go this way instead.” While it can offer advice in this way, it is not allowed to actually take the wheel and drive in place of you.

This relationship is similar to the one between you and your instructor at a driving school. Your guardian spirit is like a driving instructor sitting beside you. When he sees danger approaching, he will step on

the brakes. But he cannot actually take hold of the steering wheel and drive in your place, because that would not teach you anything. This is how the guardian spirit works.

Since the training ground in this world is different from that of the other world, this is an unchangeable principle. We have no choice but to accept it. Nevertheless, I would like you to believe that when danger approaches, there is always somebody [your guardian spirit] who is willing to provide you with a warning and guide you in a better direction.


From “Spiritual World 101" by Ryuho Okawa



The trace of having been created


By going deep within yourself, you can find a way that leads to the infinite universe. And from this infinite universe, it connects to each and every person. This ultimately means that everything that has been granted life on this earth, including non-human existence, retains a trace of having been created. Whether they be humans, animals or plants, all bear a trace of creation.

What is a trace of creation? It is an intrinsic power that allows each living being to exist. Whether it be a dog, a cat or a human, male or female, all life carries within it a power that enables it to exist. This power can be referred to as “Buddha-nature.” It manifests itself through the laws of the mind. The trace that all living beings have been created is that they are endowed with the laws of the mind and live according to them.


From “The Laws of Great Enlightenment” by Ryuho Okawa



"Soul mates" are the ones you always practice soul training with.



There are souls that are close to your soul. They are the souls that branched off from your soul in the past, or the souls that were created at the same time as your soul and are related to you.

This is often referred to as "soul mates" in the English-speaking world. Apart from soul siblings, there are people who are always in the same group practicing soul training together.

People who are soul-related are born at about the same time in each reincarnation, as "fellow souls." Even though the times change, usually a certain group of close associates are born at similar times and become family members or relatives, good friends, or colleagues who see each other at work all the time.

For example, it is the people in one's immediate family, such as one's parents, siblings, grandparents, children, grandchildren, and relatives. It is also friends with whom we have deep ties or with whom we somehow get along. Or people with whom you have a professional connection, for example, a business collaborator you always work with or a business partner who is very supportive, may also be deeply related souls.

Thus, it is normal for dozens of souls who are related in some way to be born into this world as a group, and not just one person alone.

If the six leaves at the tip of a tree branch are your soul brothers and/or sisters, then the leaves on the smaller branches growing nearby are your soul mates, your soul friends.


From "The Laws of Life" by Ryuho Okawa



Rejoice the fact that you have been given an individual life


Do not feel that you are isolated. Why not feel joyous at the fact that you have been given an individual life as a part of this vast world.

Would you feel happy if you were like a giant cedar tree, standing alone? There may be times when you feel sad or lonely because you are one tiny individual in an enormous crowd. However, it is actually because you are all tiny individuals that you are able to unite with others and share your life with them.

Human happiness has its origins in the fact that we are all individuals and at the same time, we are part of a crowd. Happiness arises between people. Looking at happiness in this way, how similar it is to love! Love also exists between people. How similar happiness and love are! Happiness is actually born of love. I am convinced of this.

Our solar system is part of the great universe and the Earth is only one of its planets. It is an amazing fact that more than six billion people share life on this Earth simultaneously. How remarkable this is! We are able to share our lives with so many other people. We can love many of those who are living at the same time as us. We can do things to make them more joyful. I would like you to think about how wonderful it is to be living in this sort of a world.

If you have relationships that are filled with love, you will not want anything else. You need to consider afresh how happy you would feel if you had these kinds of relationships.


From "The Origin of Love" by Ryuho Okawa



Times of Loneliness



The key to triumph in life is found in the ability to endure loneliness.
Those who fail at enduring loneliness have never experienced true success.
For all people come upon a moment of solitude before achieving true success.
A time of gaiety may come after this time of solitude.
However, the truth is always one and the same; loneliness always precedes success.
The most important matter is how you live through these times of loneliness.

Sometimes these times of loneliness last only but a short time,
But sometimes it can last for a very long time.
There may be some of you
Who will be in solitude for ten or twenty years.
However, you must not fear.
You must not fear loneliness.
Do not forget that in times of solitude buddha is always besides you.
When you are sitting alone, do not forget that the Great One
Is sitting right next to you.

You are not alone.
You are not alone just for the sake of being alone.
In this very moment, you are truly training your soul.
Your soul is about to shed light.
The light from the depths of your soul
Is just waiting to burst forth.
O, my young ones,
Do not fear loneliness.
For it is in times of loneliness
That your soul is given a great chance to grow.
How you endure these times of true solitude
Is a chance to test
Whether you are a person of true character.
My young ones, seek not only gaiety.
Do not seek only to live in joviality among other people.
Do not desire only to gain attention and praise From other people.
In these times of loneliness,
There is something that will keep improving you
For all eternity.
Grasp that certain something
That will eternally make you flourish.
The moment you take hold of it,
You will undergo a great transformation.
No, you cannot stop yourself from transforming.
You will see a complete 180 degree change.
You shall find yourself experiencing
Great times and great moments,
And encountering great beings.
Truly valiant people are born,
Only when loneliness is overcome.


From "The Rebirth of Buddha" by Ryuho Okawa