Are you hearing voices that blame you and drive you to suicide?
Do not listen to the voices of demons and evil spirits.
Death will not make you feel relieved.
It is important to live in a way that the devils hate and keep them away.

From the teachings of Master Ryuho Okawa, I have selected a prescription for the mind to combat auditory hallucinations.

If you hear a voice whispering in your ear, an evil spirit is...


When you hear a spirit voice, it is dangerous if it whispers around your ear. It is usually an evil spirit that whispers in your ear. When an evil spirit is coming, you’ll often hear something and feel like covering your head with a bowl, so it’s dangerous to hear something whispering in your ear all the time. In the case of guardian spirits, it is not so, but usually echoes from inside your heart.

And another criterion for checking this, which is interesting, is either the feeling of warmth or coldness.

When evil spirits come, you’ll get goose bumps, the temperature of the air around you drops, and it becomes cold. It may be a spiritual sensation, although it feels more or less like a drop in temperature. You can be sure that such a chilling sensation is "not the right one." If you hear the voice of a spirit and feel chills or sometimes goose bumps, this is clearly a bad thing. In simple cases, you can tell at once.

In complicated cases, the other side may make an effort to avoid being recognized. In such cases, things are not so simple, and when they are talking, you don't feel cold in the beginning. So there are some cases where you’re deceived, but even then, you’ll always feel a chill the moment you detect that it is an evil spirit. IF you don't see through it and think it is a high-level spirit, you won't feel any cold chill. It is also important to see through such a situation.


From "The Equation of Hell" by Ryuho Okawa



Do Not Listen to Evil Spirits



When you hear the spirit's voice, you should try to verify and confirm it. And if you think it is strange, you should get away from it at once. If you hear voices, do not deal with them, but try to block them out for about a year.

They will come when you are dealing with them. They come when they think you will listen to them. They are also looking for a lot of opportunities to present. They want to talk to people on the ground, but they can't, so they’re looking for a way out, and when the window is open, they are happy to come out of hell.

And they have the feeling that they want to say something and manipulate someone. This is something that we all have in us. It is convenient to have someone at one's disposal. They also have this desire for control.

Therefore, when you think something is wrong, you must cut it off with no hesitation. No matter what is said to you, you must remain motionless and maintain the attitude that you will live as a good citizen.


From “Discovering Life” by Ryuho Okawa



Fear attracts "things you fear"


Fear is, of course, one of the elements in horror movies, but it is also a strong element of hell. So, when evil spirits, devils, or spirits of the dead possess people and make them fall ill or get into an accident and die, fear is often there to begin with. Fear is something that enables evil spirits to connect with you, so when you have fear, they can enter you.

When you open that door or window inside you, they will usually make their way in, so you need to fight your fear.

Hell is swamped with feelings of fear, but there is almost no fear in the heavenly world. The heavenly world is where people are living in a relaxed and comfortable manner.

So, if you are the kind of person who often worries or constantly thinks of bad things, then you must be careful.

A strong tendency for this is often seen in people who study meticulously, for they are always afraid of making mistakes in their exams by answering the questions incorrectly. Bureaucratic people also worry about making mistakes. Researchers are also very meticulous.

If you are the kind of person who has many worries or strong fears, you are an easy target for them (such as evil spirits), so please be aware of this.


From How to Survive the Coronavirus Recession by Ryuho Okawa



When they start saying "I want to die" or "I’ll kill you," it's a danger sign



When a demon or demon king possesses a human being on earth, they start to say their phrases. When one's consciousness is firm, they will always say, "I want to die, I want to die,". On the other hand, if one's consciousness is not so firm, one will hear the voice saying, "Die, die," or "I will kill you." Generally, this is common.

When demons and demon kings are after you all the time, you hear a voice saying, "Die, die," every day, and you can't get it out of your ears. It’s urging you to commit suicide.

Then, you suddenly find yourself standing on the edge of a precipice, preparing a rope to hang yourself, or injuring yourself with a knife.

There are numerous young people in their teens or so, who now cut their wrists, but it is possible that they are possessed by something with the degree of a minor demon.


From "The Equation of Hell" by Ryuho Okawa



To the devil, a person who is honest and does not lie is hard to approach


What kind of person does the devil hate? First, a person who is "honest" and "does not lie.”

People who live honestly and without lying are, from the devil's point of view, hard to approach and "jerks" who they cannot be friends with.

In short, they feel uncomfortable. When devils live with someone who is honest and doesn’t lie, they can only suffer and be bitter.

A person who lives honestly and without lying is just like a "well-polished mirror". The devil feels very bad when he gets close to such a person, because he sees his own ugly reflection on the surface of that mirror.

The devil is very fond of people who are the opposite: the type of people who lie, cheat, and deceive. They can be friends with such people. They can be friends because, even when they look at each other in the mirror, they share the same ugly mind, the same ugly appearance and the same nature of thinking, "I can do bad things as long as people don't see me."


From "What the Devil Hates" by Ryuho Okawa



Sincere and diligent people have a halo shining on them



The demons are filled with the desire to be lazy, to linger if possible. They don't want to be told to work efficiently. They want to escape and avoid doing important things. They are filled with the desire to be lazy.

So this is the "devil's trap". It is easy to trick or trap someone who wants to be lazy.

It is usually such people who are drawn into crime. It is a matter of offering a good deal to someone who wants to be lazy, and then cheating him. Crime is also more likely to occur in places where people who are idle and playfully hanging out.

Where people are serious and diligent in their efforts, crime is unlikely to occur, but the devil can easily set a trap for those who think that they can do something clever and slack off.

Sincere and diligent people have a halo shining on them, the devil hates and is disgusted with those people.


From "What the Devil Hates" by Ryuho Okawa



Demons like dark, dank people.


Devils like people who are dark and dank. They want to be in the company of those who are pessimistic and complain that they are not good enough, that their future is bleak, and that they have no more potential.

Conversely, a person who tries to live on a rainy, stormy, or windy day with the same spirit as on a sunny day is not a good person for the devil.

Devils like people who, when it rains, want to use it as an excuse to skip work, or people who, when something bad or adverse for them, or something that demotivates them from their studies, work, etc., appears in front of them, immediately use it as a dark ingredient in their life, as if they were waiting for it. These kinds of people are convenient companions for the devil.

However, those who try to live a cheerful and positive life, finding possibilities in the midst of pain, no matter how painful, are very difficult for the devil to deal with.


From "What the Devil Hates" by Ryuho Okawa



The Secret to Living a Beautiful Life



The first is to "live an honest life without lying," the second is to "lead a diligent life of steady effort," and the third is to "live a cheerful and positive life, never giving up hope until the end, no matter what circumstances you find yourself in."

I ask you to keep these things in mind. Then the devil will move away from you and the angels will smile upon you.

Life is not only in this world. Even after death, the life of the soul continues in the world beyond this world.

For the sake of that soul’s life, it is important not to waste this life. Use this life carefully and respectfully, and do not waste it. Do not waste the body that your parents gave you.

Be grateful for the many people in the world who have kept you alive.

Also, please know fully the joy of the fact that "Buddha or God has given us such a great opportunity of soul training," and that "we are born in this life, in this time, and can live as human beings."

That is the secret to living a beautiful life for you.


From "What the Devil Hates" by Ryuho Okawa