Collection: LOSING A JOB

Losing your job is as hard as losing your life.
But that in no way means that your life and value are denied.
From God's eyes, you are the only one in the world who has the unique value of you.
Why don't you stop and think about what God is trying to teach you right now?

From the teachings of Master Ryuho Okawa, we have selected a prescription for your mind that you need when you are unemployed.

People who have solidified the bottom line of their lives through hardship and difficulty can be strong



It has also been said that to achieve greatness, people need to have experienced some difficulty or suffering, such as a serious illness, a broken heart, a divorce or losing a job. The reason these kinds of hardships are considered a prerequisite for greatness is that suffering and difficulty show us rock bottom, the most difficult times in life.

Those who know the “ground” at the rock bottom of their heart become so strong that they have the ability to get back on their feet and overcome any difficulty. Every time you face a difficulty, it is important to discover your limitations, and how much you can endure. If you can see situations in this way, it is not so difficult to find some positive significance in distress or difficulty. Through these sorts of experiences, you will come to know how far you can exert your strength when you are really driven into a corner.

It is said that to assess someone, you need only see the person at the heights of triumph and in the depths of despair. Those who, at the moment of victory, expose their egos and become conceited, and those who wail and cry out in times of despair are ordinary. Those who can carry on with life as usual and have an unshakable mind in such extreme circumstances are extraordinary for this reason alone.


From "An Unshakable Mind" by Ryuho Okawa



Let's set an aspiration to "make the world a little better"



In the unlikely event that the company you were working for goes out of business, you will have to change jobs again somewhere else after a certain period of time, or you may have to start your own company. However, your past achievement or confidence in your "diligent work" may be utilized in the next stage of your career. Therefore, I would like you to value diligence accompanied by enthusiasm.

So, what exactly is the basis of diligence? When I think about it, the word "aspiration" comes to mind. It is an old word, but the word "aspiration" inevitably comes to mind.

It is a desire to "add a drop of love, however small, to the world," or, in larger words, a desire to "make even a small contribution to the progress of humankind." It is the desire to "make the world a little better." Such aspirations are the basis of our diligence.

Even if your own position is small, whether or not you have such aspirations will make a big difference to your future.


From "Work Methods to Overcome Recession" by Ryuho Okawa



No one has ever gotten better by complaining



It is cowardly to personally require conditions to attain happiness. Don’t say, “Only if I had a million dollars,” or, “Only if I had a better job,” or, “Only if I can marry a wonderful person,” or, “Only if I can graduate from a good school.”

Imagine someone who is bright, positive, and always has constructive ideas and is burning with enthusiasm and hope. Would you care whether that person experienced illness, bankruptcy, or failure in education or a business?

It is because people hold the dark shadow of failure that others think they are “unhappy people.” If a person has gotten rid of the dark shadow and is living brightly, positively, and with hope, that person is seen as a “happy person.”

What if the world was filled with people who wake up in the morning saying, “What a great morning! I’ll work hard again today. I’m not afraid of growing old. I want to keep working until my final days. I’ll work hard to make the world a better place to live that is filled with many happy people.”

Even if you couldn’t fill the entire world with happiness right away, if you were able to adopt that attitude, you would have gotten rid of one drop of unhappiness from this world. That is absolutely possible to achieve.

A radiant and happy life will open up just by having radiant and happy thoughts.

In order to live a radiant life, do not make excuses. You must not think you will be happy if only a certain condition was fulfilled.

A splendid path will open up to people who make efforts, with a positive attitude, to create a bright future, regardless of circumstances.

Take courage and gather the will to open a path through the thick jungle. People who are capable of this are those who open the frontier of a whole new world. Do not think of conditions. Say good-bye to thoughts that begin with, “If I had …” or, “If I wasn’t…” From this day forward, don’t

think of reasons why you can’t be happy. Stop complaining.

No one has achieved success by making complaints.

If you complain, you are staining your mind with poison and also bringing negative feelings to other people. Complaints are like poisons. They make people suffer many times more.

So, first don’t complain, but that is not enough.

Sow bright and positive seeds in your mind in place of those complaints. This will result in beautiful flowers growing inside your mind.


From "I’m Fine Spirit" by Ryuho Okawa