It is very painful to be diagnosed with a mental disorder.
Nevertheless, you should not commit suicide.
If you can learn "how to protect yourself from evil spirits," you can live your life proactively.
Please live out your life relying on the Truth of Buddha.

From the teachings of Master Ryuho Okawa, I have selected prescriptions for the mind to lighten the suffering of life due to mental disorders.

Schizophrenia is usually due to "spiritual influences"


Schizophrenia" is not a disease. Doctors just give it that name because they don't understand it well. Usually, it is due to spiritual influences. The question is, "How you can control spiritual influences?", although it varies from person to person.

When attending a Happy Science seminar, some people become spiritually sensitive and begin to hear the voice of a spirit or their body moves on its own. The important thing is, "How well can you control yourself after that?"

If an evil spirit is coming, you can be taken in the direction of what the evil spirit wants. Therefore, you must work hard to control yourself or to govern your own mind, and then to do some self-developmental things so that you can confirm you are improving.


From "Miracle Power to Overcome Illness" by Ryuho Okawa



Dissociative Disorder, in which you have no memory of what you did



Suddenly, they may try taking lots of sleeping pills, setting a house or building on fire, jumping off high places, or crashing into cars.

Thus, when strange accidents or incidents occur, you should suspect that this individual is under spiritual influence.

And when such things happen, it is often the case that the person is momentarily unconscious. This is medically known as "dissociative disorder," in which the person has no memory of what he or she has done.

For example, there are cases where there is no memory of cutting their wrist, but in these cases, "the person's soul was away from the body during that time, and another spirit entered the body and did it.

Some shoplifting is also done impulsively, and there are quite a few people who have no memory of this as well. When caught and pointed out for shoplifting, they claim that they have no memory of it at all, but this may be true. In fact, at the moment of shoplifting, there are cases where other souls have walked-in.

For example, spirits of those who were robbers or thieves during their lifetime and are still roaming the earth after their death and may possess someone and cause the person to shoplift with the feeling that they want to draw him into their influence by making him do the same things they did before their death, and make this person suffer as a result.


From "The Principle of becoming stray spirits" by Ryuho Okawa



When the possessed spirit drives out the person's soul, it becomes a multiple personality


Recently, we have been hearing about multiple personality disorders, but many of these cases are actually caused by evil spirits. When a spirit takes possession of a person, it drives out his or her soul, so the person will seem to take on a completely different personality. A possessing spirit cannot retain control forever, however, so when it tires, it leaves, and the body will be taken over by yet another spirit. In this way, five or ten spirits can interchangeably take over a person’s body.

This is how many cases of multiple personality disorder are caused by possession. Sometimes a person’s guardian spirit takes over the body, but, in most cases, the person’s spiritual energy has become very weak, allowing other spirits to take over. The body becomes like an empty house and different spirits move in and out, creating a multiple personality disorder.


From "The Mystical Laws" by Ryuho Okawa



Multiple personality disorder is developed when the possessing spirit casts out the person's own soul



It is important to protect the body from evil spirits.

For this, you need to be connected to the organization of Happy Science through faith, which enables you to receive the warm encouragement of all those around you. You must restore yourself and put "weight" on yourself not to be kicked out.

Usually, the teaching is to "leave the ego and become selfless," but in the case of someone like you, it is not so, it is more important to have a strong sense of self.

It is important to fill the bag with your own thinking, such as "I think it is right to think this way" so as not to make yourself an empty bag.

And one of the things needed to fill the contents is "knowledge of Buddha's Truth," which can be obtained from books I publish and other sources.

In addition, worldly knowledge and information are also important to acquire. It is important to be able to make worldly judgements to a certain extent, such as "this is wrong" or "this is right," according to common knowledge. If we play too much with spiritual things, we can become dangerous.


From "Miracle Power to Overcome Illness" by Ryuho Okawa