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Book, Exposing North Korea's Menacing Leader, Ryuho Okawa, Korean

Book, Exposing North Korea's Menacing Leader, Ryuho Okawa, Korean

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For some time now, Master Ryuho Okawa has been warning that we are in a second cold war. Master Okawa is committed to assisting the world by making valuable information available through his spiritual interview series. His immediate goals are to help the international community contain China’s hegemony, protect Asia and the rest of the world from the spread of communism, and bring freedom to oppressed peoples. Ultimately, Master Okawa hopes that this information will move us closer to the ideal of worldwide peace, happiness, and prosperity. China is taking advantage of a weakening and passive United States. In light of this, Master Okawa has this message for America: Many countries around the world, including Japan, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Australia, are on the verge of being invaded by China. As he says, “America and its president need to be the decision makers of the world.” Master Okawa urges Americans not to lose sight of the American tradition of “believing in God and acting in the name of justice to create a better world.” Exposing North Korea’s Menacing Leader: Kim Jong Un’s Plot for a Psychological War reveals the role that North Korea is playing in China’s imperialistic strategy and the two nations’ close ties with Iran. Together, China and Kim Jong Un—North Korea’s supreme leader— are carrying out a psychological war that takes full advantage of the weaknesses of Japanese Prime Minister Abe and United States President Obama. Indeed, this interview with Kim Jong Un’s guardian spirit reveals that Kim Jong Un was most likely behind the Boston marathon bombings that occurred on April 15, 2013. In his own words, Kim Jong Un’s guardian spirit reveals China’s strategy: “China is planning to use our [North Korea] aggressiveness, America’s passiveness, and Japan’s indecisiveness to become number one in the world.” Master Ryuho Okawa hopes that the world—especially Japan and the United States—will make the right decision: to end the second cold war and bring true spiritual happiness and freedom to all. “We shouldn’t trust a country that denies God. . . . My dream is for our children to have the chance to enjoy real spiritual happiness. My dream is for all countries, all people, and all children to be able to perceive this real spiritual happiness, and to recognize that there is one Supreme God who loves the people of the world.” —Ryuho Okawa, Have Faith in Great America



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