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Book, “I'm Fine Spirit” & “Coffee Break”, Chinese Simplified

Book, “I'm Fine Spirit” & “Coffee Break”, Chinese Simplified

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Clear Your Worries!
This is a book that turns your worries into strengths for your life.
Are you worried about relationships in a stressful society or your own shortcomings?
Are you troubled by your own shortcomings or relationships in a stressful society?

Your worries will turn into seeds of happiness.
Here are the secrets to smiling and saying, "I'm fine!
The secret to smiling and laughing is right here.

・Thinking is a very powerful force.
・Survive with 80% rather than perfectionism.
・"Snowball life philosophy" that gets bigger every time you fall down.
・The "friend or foe" mentality is where mistakes begin.
・The special remedy for overcoming a slump is to make others happy.
・The way successful people treat their bosses and subordinates.


A spiritual moment to lighten your heart.

Love, marriage, family, work, relationships...
A little practice you can do every day.

Words that give you a sense of spirituality.
You will want to turn the pages casually with a cup of coffee in hand during your busy schedule. From "How to lighten a depressed mood" to "Tips on how to make the man you love ask you to marry him," this book is a collection of messages that will make you happy. You will find a word of encouragement or a wonderful phrase that you would like to share with someone on a page you happen to turn to.



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