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Book, Words for Work, Ryuho Okawa, Japanese

Book, Words for Work, Ryuho Okawa, Japanese

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Words for Work

Ryuho Okawa, the internationally renowned author, has written over 3,100 books on various topics, including life, religion, world affairs, business management, happiness, and so on.

In the past, the author worked at a Tokyo-based trading house while being spiritually awakened. As the company had high hopes he would become the next CEO, he was transferred to the New York headquarters where he worked as a businessman.

I wrote down essential phrases on work that came to my mind. They cover guiding principles for all who are working, from new employees to CEOs.

-From Afterword and Commentary-

Through these personal experiences and receiving inspiration from God and the angels in the heavenly world, Master Okawa has created these phrases regarding philosophies and practical wisdom about work. Have this book on your desk and it will be of great use to you throughout your career. Every day you can contemplate and gain tips on how to better your work as well as deepen your insight into company management.

Inside you will find words of wisdom that will help you in these situations:

  • When you want to gain good ideas for work
  • When you are transferred to a new department
  • When you are smart but cannot be promoted
  • When you want to run away from your problems
  • When you want to improve your abilities as a top manager, etc.



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