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The Way to Definite Health, Ryuho Okawa, Thai

The Way to Definite Health, Ryuho Okawa, Thai

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The human body is full of miracles.
I had no idea that the "mind" had such an influence on physical ailments!

I get the same disease over and over again. Even if I take medicine, I don't get better.
Why is it that despite advances in medical science, illnesses do not decrease?
Here is one answer to such questions.
This book explains the close relationship between the mind and disease that everyone has wanted to know.

Prescriptions from a "doctor of the mind

■ The tendency of the mind to attract rheumatism and collagen diseases
■ The true nature of the affliction of the modern man, "utu," and how to cope with it.
■ Aggressive feelings" and "self-punishment" can cause cancer?
■ Common characteristics of women suffering from breast cancer and uterine diseases
■ How to improve your diet to prevent heart disease
■ What is the power of the mind to powerfully boost the immune system?
■ The surprising relationship between "family problems" and disease
■ 4 keywords to revive your health



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