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Spiritual Reading of Novel Coronavirus Infection Originated in China

Closing in on the real cause of the global outbreak

This worldwide pandemic is not a mere act of nature nor a coincidence, but rather Heaven's warning to humanity and especially to China. For urgent release, Ryuho Okawa conducted a spiritual reading on the Novel Coronavirus and revealed the following astonishing truths:

  • The outbreak in China and its connection with the Wuhan Institute of Virology
  • Why the outbreak had to occur now and what would have become of Hong Kong otherwise
  • The spiritual background of how viruses mutate
  • What will serve as "immunity" against the Novel Coronavirus
  • The divine will behind SARS, AIDS, the Spanish flu and the Plague
  • Will catastrophes continue and a shocking prediction for the U.S.

COVID-19 Origins, Purpose and Prospective Impact

An absolutely timely publication by World Teacher and Happy Science Group Founder Ryuho Okawa. In this work, as in Okawa’s other Spiritual Readings books, Okawa delves deep into the collective unconscious in search of knowledge pertaining to current affairs. With the global outbreak of COVID-19, many…