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What Will Become of Coronavirus Pandemic?

Readings by Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce, also known as "the Sleeping Prophet," was an American psychic who revealed the causes and provided solutions to various diseases through his spiritual readings. What would he say about the novel coronavirus if he were alive today? You might say it is wishful thinking, but fortunately, the Ryuho Okawa's ability to receive spiritual messages makes this possible. With this insight, what will become of Coronavirus pandemic?

From Heaven Edgar Cayce reveals that the novel coronavirus infection is likely to spread further and teaches the spiritual truth of the infection and effective ways to deal with it. This is your light of hope to defeat the Novel Coronavirus!

The Sleeping Prophet: Readings by Edgar Cayce

Do you know the name “El Cantare?” Edgar Cayce knows it. In fact, his spirit believes that this name has unparalleled power to heal the world and prevent global catastrophes. If you are unfamiliar with Edgar Cayce, he was a famous psychic (clairvoyant) and healer in…