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Prosperity Thinking

Developing the Mindset for Attracting Infinite Riches

Today, we can find many books introducing various ways of thinking that claim to attract abundance, wealth or success. Among them, Prosperity Thinking: Developing the Mindset for Attracting Infinite Riches is unique because the author, Ryuho Okawa, has achieved great results using such a way of thinking. Since establishing Happy Science in 1986, he has made it an international religious organization with 12 million members in more than 100 countries, given more than 2,300 lectures in 12 countries and published over 1,900 books to date. The author reveals in this book, the mindset that enabled him to write so many books, raise funds, expand the organization and lead its worldwide activities. The mindset will also encourage businesses and governments to get out of the red, benefit many people, create wealth and prosper. You, too, can achieve prosperity in your business and life with Prosperity Thinking.