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Spiritual Interviews with the Guardian Spirits of Biden and Trump

God Chose Trump as the President of the U.S. for the Next Term

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc around the world, the 2020 U.S. presidential election will be a historic one. Here is the reason - Biden and Trump have completely different attitudes toward totalitarian China, who possibly developed the coronavirus as a weapon. In Spiritual Interviews with the Guardian Spirits of Biden and Trump, we closed in on the true thoughts of both candidates to get a forecast of the U.S. presidential election, in the form of a spiritual interview with their guardian spirits. We hope you will read and see their differences.

Spiritual interview with guardian spirits may sound unfamiliar, but it is a means of religious journalism. Through his unparalleled spiritual ability, author Ryuho Okawa, Master and CEO of Happy Science Group, summons the guardian spirit, known in the field of psychology as the subconscious.

Okawa has published a total of more than 550 books of spiritual interviews. These include records of spiritual conversations with the guardian spirits of living people and the spirits of historical figures who reside in the Spirit World. Through these books, Okawa offers readers the resources to guide them through modern issues and the hints to help them steer the future of humankind.

What a person thinks in his or her subconscious will eventually manifest in their words and actions. According to the author, China could become the next hegemonic state if Biden is elected the president. We sincerely hope that the Americans will choose the right leader after reading this book.

Spiritual Interviews with Biden and Trump

The United States, and accordingly the entire earth, stand presently at a historic crossroads. The fate of the future of humanity rests largely upon the administration chosen to lead the US following the upcoming presidential election. Many millions of people may feel conflicted about their choice…