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John Lennon’s Message from Heaven

On the Spirit of Love and Peace, Music, and the Incredible Secret of His Soul

Music can inspire the heart and, for some, change the world. Today, legions of fans continue to celebrate the life and music of John Lennon, as it inspires new generations to live mindfully and imaginatively.

In this Spiritual Interview book, Ryuho Okawa presents a compilation of Heavenly messages from the soul of John Lennon, expressing candid thoughts on contemporary life, the state of religion, and key events from his past. Among other topics, Lennon speaks of his explosive popularity and why he spurned the Establishment, the Vietnam War and racial discrimination.

In these pages, you will glimpse the essence of John Lennon, his newfound spiritual connection and the extent of his Heavenly mission. Lennon's legacy is marked by pacifism, with John expressing support for Ryuho Okawa and the global utopian movement Happy Science. The words and timeless music of John Lennon will forever echo "Love and Peace!"

What can we do to Rock the World?

As mediated by World Teacher Ryuho Okawa, John Lennon’s Message from Heaven is a work that presents several important messages to humanity in this time. Within this work it is revealed that John Lennon was a part of the soul of Jesus Christ, and the similarities…