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Spiritual Messages from Yaidron

Save the World from Destruction

There are space beings monitoring the world affairs on Earth and trying to guide the humanity in a good direction. Yaidron is one of such beings and has sent many messages to the spiritual leader and author, Ryuho Okawa.

In this book, Yaidron explains what was going on behind the military coup in Myanmar and Taliban’s control over Afghanistan. He also warns of the imminent danger approaching Taiwan. According to what he observes from the universe, World War III has already begun on Earth. What is now going on is a battle between democratic values and the communist one-party control. How to overcome this battle and create peace on Earth depends on the faith and righteous actions of each one of us.

  • The next possible biological weapon attack after coronavirus
  • The reasons behind the recent extreme weather
  • The problems in Islamic fundamentalism
  • Future prospect of international affairs

Spiritual Messages from Yaidron

Those who have been keeping up with the spiritual messages communicated through Master Ryuho Okawa are aware that the Earth is at something of a breaking point. For those who haven’t, Spiritual Messages from Yaidron: Save the World from Destruction is a timely point from which…